What Are We Looking At?

Praying Mantis recently Shed skin

Photo by Anon Ruth Forrest

First, can you see it? The not-grass-thing?

Do you see the insect dead center in the photo?

Yep, that’s right. It’s a praying mantis.

Do  you notice how pale it is? Do you know why?

Make your best guess.

Go ahead…we’ll wait. (Is it an albino? A rare white praying mantid? Or…?)

Now, we’ll tell you what Shanna Archibold who studied entomology said. She explained, “There are 100’s of species of praying mantids. Some are tan, some brown and some green….When they have just shed their exoskeleton, you can still see their turquoise blood through their pale skin.”

There you go. Your nature fact for today.



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