[UPDATE 5:14 p.m.] U-Haul and Motorcycle Accident: Both Lanes Blocked on 101

A collision involving a U-Haul and a motorcycle closed both lanes of Hwy 101 about 5 miles north of Leggett. The incident occurred at approximately 3 p.m.

UPDATE 3:15 p.m.: The motorcyclist has minor to moderate injuries per scanner traffic.

UPDATE 3:35 p.m.: “A few hours of one-way traffic control at the location,” reports the incident commander from the accident scene.

UPDATE 4:03 p.m.: CHP is now calling this a major injury accident and the motorcyclist was transported by helicopter to a hospital.

UPDATE 4:43 p.m.: Commenter below shared a photo. Here’s a crop of it.

U-haul accident
UPDATE 5:14 p.m.: The CHP Incident Page is now reporting that there were two different accidents. They write, “2 SEPERATE TC’S // 1ST IS UHAUL AND GRN HOND 1182 / OTHER IS SOLO MC.” Translation: There were two accidents–the first was between a U-Haul and a green Honda. The second was a solo motorcycle accident.

The road is now open with no traffic control.



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