[UPDATE 3:25 p.m.] Suspect Fleeing Law Enforcement Crashed on Myrtle and Raced off on Foot

An individual being pursued by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office about 3 p.m. crashed a grey pickup into a ditch near the intersection of Hall and Myrtle (3000 block of Myrtle.) The suspect “fled southbound towards …field….in the 3000 block of Myrtle Avenue,” according to scanner traffic. A witness said that at least two sheriff’s deputies pursued the suspect into “a farm property.”

UPDATE 3:25 p.m.:
At this point scanner traffic indicates that law enforcement is not pursuing the subject. We are not sure whether the subject has been captured or has escaped.



  • More than likely escaped .hard to catch a fast tweekers when the deputies are out of shape .

  • You know I did notice that some of law enforcement are pretty chunky for a cop.all my fam were in shape to run or whatever!I thought there were like rules for that.just sayin

  • Send in the trackers. Just sayin’….. again.

  • I watched him crash into the brush ass hole dam near hit me head on.

  • Ya G MA they should be timed on how fast they can exist a squad .lol to fat to get out of the car as the suspect s run forest run lol.

    • It used to be a rule,you had to be a certain height and certain weight.now I guess they don’t give a crap.but I prefer a cop who can run down that perp,murder suspect or robber,whatever.if they can’t,how are they going to protect us.ya,I see forest running looking back,and laughing.hope your well today!!!

  • Not too long till we see a drone unit.If

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