K-9 Johnny Expected to Make a Full Recovery

Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office sent this today:

…K9 Johnny remains in stable condition. He was kept overnight for K9 Johnny trinity countyobservation. He has no nerve damage and will be receiving a drain this afternoon to help his wounds heal. He may get to go home this evening. K9 Johnny is expected to make a full recovery with physical therapy and is expected to return to his regular duties in as early as a month.

The Sheriff’s Office has received many inquiries about donating to K9 Johnny’s care and recovery. K9 Johnny is covered under his own medical insurance. However, anyone wanting to donate to the K9 unit at the Trinity Co. Sheriff’s Office can do so by mail. Donations can be made to:

Trinity Co. Sheriff’s Auxiliary

PO Box 427

Weaverville, CA 96093



  • That’s good news go johnny go go go

  • Ernie Branscomb

    Saved me from asking, Good for Johnny.

  • Johnny law can’t be faded.

  • Great news!

  • I’ll donate some Lead if that’ll make do.

  • I hope Johnny stays healthy and gets his revenge some day.

  • A dog limps into a bar in the old west: He goes up to the bar tender and says “I’m look’in for the man who shot my paw”. get well soon Johnny.

  • Glad to hear Johnny is going to be alright.

  • Sad thing that CAMP AND CANNABIS ERADICATORS are so set on these “surprise busts” where they try to surprise armed growers rather than alert the growers with helicopters so there is no confrontation…. These busts are aimed at confronting cannabis farmers which is why Mendocino and Humboldt are seeing a rise in Cannabis Farmers being shot by law enforcement or VICE VERSA, NO PUN INTENDED… a bad for farmers and everybody else including law enforcement. How many cannabis farmers will be shot this year by these clandestine military style raids when they could easily alert the farmers and ensure the safety of everyone involved? Why such an interest in “capturing guerilla farmers” rather than ensuring there are no injuries and no deaths by avoiding confrontation? This eradication could have easily been performed without any injuries to farmers, law enforcement or k9 officers. As a county, Mendo and Humboldt both need to realize these clandestine military eradication techniques endanger the lives of farmers officers and our entire community, No More Officer or Farmer deaths, these deaths and operations are far worse than any amount of cannabis growing in the forest. Tome to reform these sneaky dangerous law enforcement eradication techniques for the safety of our community.

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