Real GRRRLS Come in Different Packages: A Former Humboldt Woman Takes on the Fashion World


Former Humboldt resident, Kortney Olson, modeling for her clothing line.

Humboldt Homegirl Kortney Olson gambles big. Last year when undefeated Rhonda Rousey was favored to beat Holly Holm 11 to 1 in the UFC, Olson took her new clothing label’s ad money and bet on Holm. “We took our entire marketing budget for a year and sponsored her.” GRRRL rocketed into the public eye on the tail of Holm’s upset win.

Olson wants to change the world of women’s fashion. She said part of her brand’s mission is “to redefine what it is to be a girl.” She pointed to her company’s website, “We make real clothes for real grrrls who simply don’t care about what anybody else thinks.” The models for her clothing are never photoshopped and come in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

Grrl AMENAH RAZEGHI strongman athlete

Amenah Razeghi, a strongman athlete who models for GRRRL.

“We do fashion clothing for women,” she said. “But we got rid of traditional sizing. There is always a stigma associated with sizes.”

Olson said she wanted to show that women can be strong and assertive. “This is about social change,” she said. Her clothing “gives women a cape [and] validates women to be whatever size they want.”

Although Olson hasn’t lived in Humboldt for almost 10 years, her family is still in the area. She says that it has been exhilarating “to come out of Humboldt [and] to see our stuff in Germany to Finland to Australia.”

If you want to support a Humboldt homegirl, check out GRRRL clothing here.

Grrrl size

GRRRL encourages women to be proud of who they are.

Rumor is Olson might be on America’s Got Talent tonight. Tune in and see.



  • Henchman Of Justice

    Wow, a female woman who does not care how girls dress, nor that girls are sexually eye raped by males.

    Way to go by an adult woman sponsoring scantily dressed girls to pass off as women.

    If a girl wears sexually implicit clothing, it aint harassment to comment on what is visible.

    [edit] that means money is of lesser value cuz girls can’t be devalued if ya wanna make profits on girls.

    Say, what age limit is the cut off? 8 years of age? Or, is it early teens when breasts start popping out?

    • WTF are you talking about? None of their products are as you suggest, nor is that what she said. It certainly is harassment if you verbally accost a woman for what she is wearing. Just because a woman wears something that makes her feel beautiful doesn’t give slimy idiots like you the right to sexualize them or demean them for what they are wearing. It ain’t about you!

    • put it bak in ur pants buddy

      Just because you can’t handle your own sexual drive doesn’t mean a woman can’t wear something that makes her feel good. The problem isnt womens dress its men who immediately sexualize every little thing. Are you saying teens breasts popping out is sexual? Not just a girl growing up? You are the one making it sexual which says a lot about you. Get some self control.

      And if you missed it, a lot of the women are athletes who compete in clothes that could be construed as “scantily clad” in a different situation. Been to a public swimming area ever? Bathing suits are on of the most revealing things we wear but that’s not considered sexual, why would a leotard be?

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Where is “I”? No propagandas with historical facts. You know pervs live in society, both men and women. Sexualizing minors is repulsive adult conduct.

    • There is something seriously wrong with you HOJ. This is functional workout wear, and there is nothing inappropriate about it. It’s a line made for all athletes of any size/shape. The point is to put an end to body shaming – something that you obviously find ok. It is NOT ok to harass a female, regardless of what she is wearing. Who are you to comment on anyone’s attire? Unless she offers herself to you, it aint for you or about you. Get over yourself.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Read the information again.

        As if workout clothing scantily designed is now “kids or public safety” excuse memes.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        HOJ proposes you are responding deceitfully. HOJ would only be concerned with the skin on the sexually explicit body parts of minors showing or popping out, not the clothes for adult women, sheesh, get your facts straight and check emotions at the door.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Where does HOJ discuss or take sides on “body shaming?”

        Did the moderator have to call her friends to respond so flippantly? Apparantly, HOJ has special powers to not say anything about something, but that something was said.

        That is purdy powerful stuffz to paint a picture with.

    • veterans friend

      Obviously ignorant sexist male writer. To be ignored (or shamed)

    • HOJ Your satire I get, Sure women are used by men & other women, I think the general population understands this now. but the way you present it, is not very entertaining, as a humorous you need another act. or better material. The readers of this blog spot, for the most part , are very intellectual so we are a hard audience to fool. Good Luck in your new career.

  • way way over the line hoj even for you.
    get help.

  • Women are BEAUTIFUL,size,color,shape ,it doesn’t matter.Im so lucky,after 40 years,I have been fat,skinny,sick and he still treats me like a GODDESS.And I’m a handful,strong Italian women!!!!!

  • There are a couple errors in this article….It’s GRRRL with three R’s and its “HOLLY HOLM” not holly Holmes.
    The GRRRL clothing line and Kortney are amazing they are starting something big for women! It’s more about supporting women and never talking negativity about them ever!
    Henchman of justice [edit] She is not supporting anything of what you speak of. [edit]

    • Corrected to Holm and it took me awhile but I did eventually find the one instance I spelled GRRRL with two R’s. You should be an editor.

    • I need to comment to this and Im sure some might not agree,but here goes my feelings on this..I read the article and was stoked to see it.That being said I went directly to the website to see about ordering myself something.Dee you said its about supporting women and never talking negative about them.When I got to the fith page and saw the shirts that say”bitches”you lost me.I actually felt deflated and sad because I think the use of that word is highly degrading and women should not use it toward other women.I just made me sad not encouraged is all…to bad

      • thanks for your feedback! we’re taking back words that otherwise would leave women feeling deflated. we had shirts with the word F*CK on them (spelled fully), but decided to pull back the reins a bit to not offend too many people. one thing is for sure, you can’t please everyone. a big part of our brand is doing things that traditionally are not “lady like”- such as using the word “bitch”. at the end of the day, it’s all about a person’s perspective. if you want to look closer, our IG feed is a great place: grrrl_clothing Also, if you’d like to join our closed 18+ women only group on FB, search “GRRRLs” and click join request. ALL about support and motivation in there. advice, you name it…… have a blessed day/night and may the force be with you! xoKO

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Character – at first, anything goes to make a splash to make profit off these basic tenets of attitude that the owner has personality wise – bitch, fuck, cunt sucker, asshole, dick, etc…., but realising profit could be less because it is too sensitive, adult female owner decides to “change”.

          Wow, a profit driven kumbaya moment.

          Southern Humboldt breeding the greed, who woulda thunk it.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Yep, a battle between past neo cons and past neo libs with younger generation.

        HOJ agrees and you are not wrong for your thoughts or personal experiences.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Women and girls are of differences. The write up identifies that women and girls are the same. Girls are being used as consumers for profit for an adult woman’s business model. Profit is the motive, not the effects on girls who are minors and definately not a adult woman.

      Again, show the skin and any male is not breaking a law by saying, “damn, that little girl’s vagina is popping through” or, “look at how that little girl’s legs are sooooo smooth all the way to her butt crack.”

      So many scenarios that a profit driven business focused on sexualizing female minors, girls can be hypothesized.

      HOJ protects minors, girls and desires minors, girls not to be objectified by an adult woman seeking to objectify for profit, supposedly like a man in business going after profits. Interesting isn’t it, Holli Holm wants to be a UFC man or like a man, and so to does this former piece of profit southern humboldt female who wants to be like a deceptive businessman selling tobacco products to children through commercials meant for adults.

      Those who disagree are free to remain in lala land.


    • If you take a look at Kortney’s photos, I don’t think the fact she weighs more than 160 is really a fat problem…

      • Henchman Of Justice

        That was objectifying; and, “where is weight or fatness in the business model write up by the former soho female adult owner for profits driven by sexualizing minor girls, HOJ missed that advertizement.

        Minor girls associated with weight remarks are emotionally damaged with self esteem issues.

        HOJ cites this: “She said part of her brand’s mission is “to redefine what it is to be a girl.” She pointed to her company’s website, “We make real clothes for real grrrls who simply don’t care about what anybody else thinks.”

        Response: Hypocrisy is changing to what other people think because adult female owner is hard up for profits and dont care what other people think.

        HOJ laughs at the hypocrisy and the hypocritical comments that illogical commenters bloviate.

      • veterans friend

        Can you please remove this creep…block him or something. He is so offensive…even his name

    • since we’re selling workout gear, I don’t think your comment really applies. do you even?

  • Seriously! Deleted? I used no cussing just implication he’s gross w/ a play off his name he used & that gets deleted? I thought I understood other times you have deleted my comments. I thought i realized my former comments might have been somewhat biased before this, but Seriously? I thought i was seeing more objectiveness in the articles, guess i was kidding myself. Time to read something different, again. Lame

    • I don’t allow personal insults to other commenters– not even if I personally laugh. Once insults get started then the other commenter insults back and then there are 10 comments that devolve into something like “your mother wears army boots.” I am trying for a website that promotes dialogue.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Then redact the insulting word only, not the material information associated with dialogue.

        Rules change on the fly with proggies.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Only the moderator gets to insult commenters, did ya not know that? It is a one way street named “Dictator Way”.

      Here is a personal insult – (anybody – you) need help.

      Avoid you, make it blanketed, watch the rules by moderator change on the fly.

  • But isnt that the definition of censorship?
    the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts.

    Oh well, do what ya do.
    I thought it was humorous. One of my favorites is to read the comments, serious ones & humorous, lil puns n jabs in between all the intellectuals. I like to see what all readers think, hateful or not. Without that, especially humor, you just have long, boring dialogue. I like a lil vinegar & oil on my boring salad.

    • I do delete certain types of comments. (Private parties have the right to choose to allow or not allow certain things on their websites.) Here’s some things that I delete: I don’t allow sexualizing suspects (learned that one the hard way when a commenter thought it was funny to add cucumbers by the mouth of women suspects.) I don’t allow racist or sexist comments. Nigger, cracker, Ho, etc. just don’t work for me. I don’t allow personal insults for the reasons I mentioned above. I don’t allow accusations of criminal behavior unless there are facts to back up the accusation. I don’t allow comments that advocate violence.

      For me, these few rules (I probably average deleting about 50 comments in an entire month) help encourage civil discussion which is one of the main reasons I work to keep this site going.

      • I expected you to delete hoj’s nasty comment and my response. too.

        I wouldn’t have minded, it’s your site to set the limits and I appreciate that you do, thanks.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Yes, which means private sector individuals (not business) do not believe in protected free speech because if gubbamint did not exist, then it would be blog moderators doing the very same thing that society has championed as being unconstitutional.

        Flags are flown in different colors to convey principles, culture, etc…. country, sexual preference, tyranny, etc…

        What flag do blog moderators fly, cuz it aint the American Flag for all intents and purposes.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Ya, not even a list exists of any certain types of personal insults, so it is hard to guess what flippant reasoning or type of insult the moderator warns of.

      The only reason HOJ is commenting on this site is because Kym Kemp is promoting another adult female to make profits in sexualizing minor girls.

      HOJ desires minor girls be not objectified sexually for profit while being spun as an adult women line of sexually explicit clothing.

      If it aint all things weed, it is now minor girls being sexually objectified with a p.r. push by another adult female to encourage sexual objectification through an adult female clothing line.

  • Congrats and best of luck!

  • thank you Kym for helping us spread the word, and a massive thank you to everyone’s support. <3

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