Kayak the Lost Coast!

King Range Photo from BLM

King Range. [Photo from BLM]

Press release from BLM:

“Kayaking the Lost Coast” will be offered Saturday, July 23, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., in Shelter Cove. Participants should meet at the boat launch site before 9 a.m. to register for the paddle. Please bring water, food, sunblock, sunglasses and a hat.
Those without their own kayaks and safety equipment can rent from Pacific Outfitters. There is a charge of $69 per person. To sign up for this trip, visit: www.pacificoutfittersadventures.com.

Paddlers will learn about California Coastal National Monument, which includes more than 20,000 rocks, islands and pinnacles off the California coast. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the monument stretches along 1,600 acres of California coastal shoreline and prairies, and extends from mean high tide line to 12 nautical miles out to sea.

The outing is offered by the BLM and the Lost Coast Interpretive Association. For more information, call the BLM King Range Project Office, (707) 986-5400, or email ca338@blm.gov.

The King Range National Conservation Area and the California Coastal National Monument are part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands. Additional information on the area’s natural resources and recreation opportunities are available at http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/arcata.html.



  • Food for thought

    And Hopefully not a jaws sequel. I just saw this for whiskey town lake. Could be cool.

  • Looks like another Hum Adventure in nature!
    Am I the only one though, who finds some irony that the preceding story was about people who were ‘fortunate to be rescued far out at sea’???

  • Is that your photo Kym? Gorgeous!

    • Ack! No, it isn’t. I made a mistake and put the caption in the alternative text which is hidden. Your comment made me realize what I’d done. Thank you. I’ve fixed it now.

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