[UPDATE 9 p.m.] Three Rescued From Two Miles out in Ocean!

US_Coast_Guard_Helicopter_in_flight (1)

Coast Guard helicopter [Stock photo from Wikipedia by Vlad Lazarenko]

Three people who had crashed into the ocean two miles out at sea while hang gliding today are safely back on shore, according to a spokesperson for the Coast Guard.

As of 7:15 p.m., the operation is still underway even though those who’ve crashed are on land. The Coast Guard spokesperson reports that the three are being checked to determine if they need to go to a hospital.

The spokesperson said that the hang glider went down south of McNutt Creek west of Petrolia.

Because the operation was still underway and the spokesperson was part of the operation we didn’t keep him from his job. We hope to learn more about what happened after the three are completely safe.

UPDATE 9 p.m.: Over the scanner we heard two patients being transported to the hospital with mild hypothermia.




  • Deeeez Nut Creek

  • veterans friend

    Thanks Kym. Great job!!!

  • Three separate hang glider’s crashed? or three people on one hang glider?…crazy. Lucky they hit the ocean.

  • Ironic that this happened right before next week’s “hang glide to work day”.

  • Not a hang glider… What sort of aircraft was it… Hang gliders don’t fly 2 miles out to sea with 3 people attached. Miss identified aircraft… Thanks for giving hang gliders a bad name.

    • She’s not giving hang gliders a bad name, [edit]!

    • Miss identified aircraft?

      Is that some sort of contest to determine which young woman can identify different types of aircraft the best?

      If so, is the competition held in bikinis?

      Are binoculars allowed?

    • Thanks, Dave. Getting facts straight should never bother a reporter: it’s basic journalism.

  • Yes, three motorized hand gliders left from Eureka headed to Shelter Cove. Got into trouble just south of the Cape. One managed to land on the beach the other two in the ocean. One was close to shore and made it to the beach, the other landed far out and had to be pulled into shore after swimming for 40 to 45 minutes. Two sent to hospital, one with mild hypothermia, the other not in as good of shape.

  • Powered Paragliders…. Are not Hang gliders

  • Saw these folks from a group at the Samoa Drag strip on Sunday. They were doing all kinds of stunts and it may have been tooooooo windy

  • I call the cape devils playground .it is the furthest point west in the continental united states.The weather was to rough for fishing boats .which means it was to windy for para gliders .They should of checked Noaa weather .dumb move.A very deadly place they are lucky.

  • Look on a map that shows both Washington and California, and see if you still think it’s the furthest point west.

  • Powered paraglider motors are about $7,000 a pop, wing is $5,000, reserve parachute $700. Total = $12,700 x 3 = $38,100, plus cost of Coasties and emergency services. This was a costly case of bad judgement and would have been priceless had there been loss of life. Glad they survived.

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