Multiple Fires Between Weott and Myers Flat Caused by Pickup Dragging Fence

Multiple fires were started between Weott and Myers Flat about noon today when a full size white pickup with a large roll of chain link fence dragging underneath it traveled south between the two towns. Becky Crossland and her family spotted the vehicle as they headed north. “We saw four small fires,” she said.

Micah Hansen who is a member of the Briceland Volunteer Fire (he also has worked as an assistant captain fighting wildfires in the national forest for many years) spotted the fires along with his fiance’ Michellee Senn when they were returning from Fortuna. Senn took video as Hansen and other passerbys used bottled water and a mini shovel to put out the flames on one fire.

Cal Fire and other fire departments were able to mop up all the small blazes. Caltrans had to close one lane temporarily as firefighters quenched the potential problem spots.



  • Thank goodness the right people were there at the right time!
    Thanks to all involved in keeping the fires from getting out of control on this windy day!

  • I try to get drivers to pull over if I see anything dragging and causing sparks. Often, the safety chains used with a trailer will hang down and strike the pavement when the vehicle hits bumps in the road.

  • You cannot fix stupid.

  • So glad they stopped!nice job citizens yay.thank u

  • I tol that boy. Ya’gotta go faster if you wanna clear that fence.

  • How is the road? Are there any gouges deep enough to need road repair?

  • Wonder if he WAS impaired or was he granny driving the wreck er dragging a volkswagon behind her sparked flying from the movie any which way you can Clint eastwood movie . We’re was our police force cops never there when ya need one .oh they were buzzy chasing someone they didn’t catch lol

  • no way that truck was dragging a roll of fence and dident know it was there

  • IQ tests should be administered at County Lines. No admittance to the “Under 50 group.”af

  • There’s a (smaller, older) white pickup parked today in front of the apartments next to the Miranda Market, with a clustered-up roll of chicken wire leaning on it or hanging from it. Chicken wire’s marked “free” and the truck has a for sale sign.

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