Do You Know About the Software That Will Track all Medical Cannabis That Enters or Leaves Arcata?

Arcata City marijuana featurePress release from the City of Arcata:

The City of Arcata will hold a community outreach meeting to orient and take input from Arcata Commercial Cannabis Activity Permit (CCAP) applicants on the BioTrackTHC medical cannabis inventory tracking software system.

The informational overview will be held on Friday, July 15, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the D Street Neighborhood Center. Any current or prospective Commercial Cannabis Activity Permit holder and anyone interested in medical cannabis in Arcata is encouraged to attend the free event.

The City of Arcata has contracted with BioTrackTHC to provide software that tracks all medical cannabis inventory (plant and product) that enters or leaves Arcata city limits, tracing the material through its complete chain of custody. All Arcata Commercial Cannabis Activity Permit holders will be required to use the BioTrackTHC software system and database. In-person and online webinar training to satisfy the City’s permit requirement will be scheduled in early August when the final software system is complete.

The D Street Neighborhood Center is located at 1301 D Street in Arcata. For more information about the software orientation and input meeting, contact the Arcata City Manager’s office at (707) 822-5953 or email



  • “I`m from the government and I`m here to help”. the 9 most fearful words in the English language.

    • Even scarier when you realize that the person saying it was from the government and used that phrase as a dog-whistle tactic that apparently still works. Forget the fact that the person saying it had early stage Alzheimer and access to nuclear codes…

  • its how they do it up in Washington state for recreational pot, no big deal

  • They want to do this with cannabis? What a joke. How about tracking the pharmaceuticals that are ruining millions of lives across the country. Most people being prescribed these insane amounts of pain killers, anti anxiety, anti depressants, etc don’t even take the shit. They just hustle it to subsidize their income. smfh

  • Stupid People Run Arcata

    The state will have an american co tracking this .The state will then let arcata know they wasted there time and money and that their program is not in compliance

  • We already have hackers Ready to show them how unsecured their software is .Microsoft software will show them how it’s done

  • veterans friend

    This is from THE ONION , right?

  • Say what?keeping track of something we do.this is why I hate the government. It’s none of their fucking business what I do in my own house.fma -forgive my attitude!And they already know I use it,ie:my 215.They might want to track all the drugs they give out from pharmacy’s,all the chemical ‘ s they try to kill us with.theyd love my mom she takes 60 pills aday.this is MORE MONEY WASTED on stupid shit,which is why our country is in debet.wholly shit

  • Wonderful! Well, when you all started voting for fake forms of “legalization” (like regulate and tax) to make your world “safe” from “black-market” growers this is the deal you were making. Don’t be surprised at what happens next- you will not be able to grow your own, the corporations will control the medical and recreational and you will be very safe indeed. The government is here to help you!!

  • R.I.P. humboldt…

  • some people will never care

    So if no one else in the state or county uses bio track what good will this do. So say I buy a 100 clones from outside arcata or even hprc for instance. Then I take those and grow and then sell or smoke them. So the 100 plants will be tracked when they are in my possession but If the people I get the plants from and gives the buds to don’t use it then what good is the system? It works in WA because the whole state is required but arcata is a micro percentage of California and no one else is using it in the state so I see this as a total waste of time. Arcata got sold by bio track used car salesman and now they want to tell us how stupid of a decision was made?

  • Truth is ,most weed grown round here is not destined for medical use despite what people tell you. I see this as a good way to stop the dishonesty. Pot growers see it hitting their illegal sales.

    • Let me guess , with the name ” working man ” are you insinuating that pot growers dont work,and you are the real working stiff. you are mis taken, growing pot is difficult at least and down right terrible, whole families work 6-8 hours a day for $75,000 after expenses. for a family of 4 thats not a great deal. If I am wrong about your name / logo I apologize.

  • I wonder how much this biotrackTHC software costs to set up? What about the yearly costs to operate? Does arcata have to pay an employee of biotrackTHC to maintain this system? Is this a new fulltime position they created? The arcata commerical cannabis activity permit is a bunch of bullshit anyways. Just another way that the rich get richer while shutting everyone else out. Last I heard the landlords were offering warehouse space in the “marijuana innovation zone” or whatever bullshit they call it, starting at a cool 10k a month. Good thing the city is so anti development, making those with commercial zoned land even richer.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Does no one on the council know how to set up an Excel spread sheet with a couple of functions? Isn’t that one of the job requirements?

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