[UPDATE 2:34 p.m.] Traffic Collision With Extrication on Hwy 36; One Lane Blocked

A vehicle overturned on Hwy 36 between Swains Flat and Bridgeville at approximately 11:54 a.m. The west lane is blocked. Reportedly at least one person is still trapped in the vehicle and needs extrication.

UPDATE 12:09 p.m.: The patient is being extricated, has head injuries and difficulty breathing.
UPDATE 12:12 p.m.: The patient has major head injuries and an air ambulance has been requested.
UPDATE 12:27 p.m.: The patient has been extricated. Both ground and air ambulance are responding. A landing zone near Bridgeville has been chosen.
UPDATE 12:32 p.m.: The vehicle is a Ford Escape with “major rollover damage.”
UPDATE 12:35 p.m.: The air ambulance is no longer heading towards Bridgeville but instead towards Redwoods Memorial Hospital. The patient is being taken by ground ambulance to the hospital and then may be taken by air ambulance to an out of the area hospital.
UPDATE 1:01 p.m.: The 58-year-old male patient is on advanced life support, according to information on the scanner.
UPDATE 2:34 p.m.: A reader, Jackie Jackson, sent us this photo of the accident scene.
Rollover accident major injuries on Hwy 36


  • My cousin was hit by a logging truck going up that hill there when I was a youngster,Brian was going up on a motorcycle and the logging truck down,truck driver fell asleep and ran right over brian.they called chp and it was his father who answered the call.my cousin broke every bone in his body!!it was pretty awful when he was helping the biker to discover it was his son.that night my uncle wasn’t a CHP and I never heard those words before!that area and road need to be respected,all of 36!its.no joke that road is dangerous SLOW DOWN ALL.i hope this person is going to be ok.sending prayers

    • sharpen your pencil


      • His name is Brian McKenzie.he was about 6 blocks from his house.my uncle was Grant Mckenzie.for the C.H.P

        • sharpen your pencil

          A lot of crazy stuff happens on that road. I watched a guy in a half ton Chevy nearly lose it when he hit the embankment, loaded full of firewood, he was trying to do 60 in the same stretch that this accident happened today….. Eventually he pulled over and I felt like I should have done the same, only to call the cops but cell service is so spotty, his driving seemed impaired, but hard to tell for sure on that road.

  • Heartbreaking the comment above you are so right That road needs to be respected .The ambulance just passed me on Rohnerville code 3 I’m sure heading to Redwood Memorial.chp right behind.

    • I drove up on the toyota that rolled over a few weeks ago. dude was dead on impact. nothing we could do to save him. its heart breaking. i drive 50 to 65 on that road. if you know it it’s pretty easy to cruise on. but, hwy 36 is a lot like the ocean; unforgiving for the slightest of errors

  • That car looks bad.i really hope he’s going to be alright.

  • I saw the vehicle being towed looked like a crumpeled beer can 36 strikes again lived on 36. 20 plus yrs ,and I’ve scene a lots people think they are Parnelli Jones .with a little al uncer in there .36 will kill you .if you dont respect it . IT could or should be one of the most dangerous rds in the USA .

  • I have spent so many summers swimming at swimmers delight many many great days.camped at grizzly bluff that corner is bad.cant believe how many cars went off into the camp ground.one car went off that bluff there and died right in front of us,when we were leaving the same weekend another crash right there with a big rig.the roads are narrow trees right at the edge of the road,and people just think of nothing doing 60 thru there,plain stupid,stupid stupid!!!

  • I drive 36 pretty regularly, especially in the summer and fall. Between Carlotta and Dinsmore, typically I will pull over 5-10 times to let people by. I’ll get out of the way and let them go for it. Good luck.

  • Does anyone know how this man is?

  • I passed this accident and was wondering how this guy is.

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