Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Looking for Suspect Who Fled in Table Bluff Area



Officers consulting as they search for a suspect in the Table Bluff area. [Photo by Sandi Petersen]

Here’s an update on the search for a suspect in the Table Bluff area this morning.

According to Sgt. Greg Allen of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, deputies attempted to contact a Dwayne Bowie in the Table Bluff area this morning in connection with “several outstanding warrants for his arrest.  Allen said, Bowie fled from officers towards the slough area and through multiple fields.

Several agencies assisted with searching for the suspect for several hours including Eureka Police’s K-9 but ultimately officers discontinued the search without locating the suspect.

At this point, Sheriff’s Office did not release a mugshot. However, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Dwayne Bowie, a Native American male, age 43, who is 5’8”, 160 lbs with brown eyes and black hair please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.



  • Doesn’t the Sheriff’s Office have a canine? Odd if they don’t. Also, it’s not a great feat to outrun a Humboldt deputy if the photos I see of them on this blog are indicative of the physical condition they’re in.

  • I know Dwayne, or did. Dwayne, its The Freddy. give yourself up..You can’t run forever.

  • Send in the trackers…duh.

  • Hey Dwayne; hey Freddie; hey citizens of Humboldt County. Blunt here.

    The sheriff’s office is short handed with the head evidence technician and the webmaster in Dallas attending the funeral of the slain officers.

    They will work together to post Mr. Bowie’s mugshot once they’ve attended the event and had their fill of Texas-style brisket and ribs.

  • CHASING Natives Again

    Reading the history of Humboldt one will find the table bluff area is a Reservation where natives were chased to in the 1800’s, of course the rampabt racism and cultural genocide persists over 150 years later by local law enforcement against our local tribal members. RUN Dewayne, Run, and Kim, why are you helping the racist bigot pigs find native americans anyways, in a sense, you are a part of the cultural genocide by even posting these “wanted posters” up…. Just sayin the obvious.

    • “Just sayin the obvious….”

      You don’t have to add those words. Of course, it is a concern when press releases allow law enforcement to give only their side of the story. The suspect can be convicted in the eyes of the community before they are convicted by law. However, so far it’s the best system I have to deal with concerns the community has about thefts, violence and other impacts to their lives.

      Come up with a better and I promise to listen.

    • Except this individual, whether native or white has “outstanding warrants”.

  • Ya it’s means our sheriff can’t catch him lol!if their outstanding it’s been to busy,to lazy,not enough staff,all of the above.

  • Warrants for what? The info seems pretty sparse. If he’s wanted, it might be nice to know what for and whether folks like me who live in the area should be on the lookout.

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