Buds by the Bay Postponed

Eureka's First Cannabis MarketBuds by the Bay has been postponed. The Instagram account of GrahamsBrand gives a bit of the reason why,

In order to ensure a proper long term relationship with the city of Eureka we have decided to TEMPORARILY postpone the #BudsByTheBay gathering. With our local ordinance changing in the VERY near future👍 this delay will be SHORT lived. REASON- As the current Eureka ordinance is written, any medicine in a patients legal posession cannot be shared with another patient. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to have a private social gathering without putting patients at risk. This reality will SOON change.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. If you are looking for a proper event this weekend🌞I would recommend the @trimscene “710 Oilspill” gathering.



  • Better safe than sorry!!I’ll be waitin

  • “SOON”, as in?

  • Reason being, you can not share “medicine”! You can’t share your antibiotics or your oxy, and you can’t share your “medicinal” weed. So this entire event is a lie, just an excuse to get together, swap buds and smoke weed. Which in my mind is fine, but STOP using medicinal cannabis as an excuse to get high! Be brave enough to do it on your own, recognizing that’s it’s still (barely) illegal, and stop this travesty that is 215.

    • Oxy and all the other pharmaceuticals can’t be shared because they are DEADLY dangerous. Cannabis has no dangerous effects, and is perfectly safe to share. Wake up, you are a self appointed guardian of the status quo. You and your friends probably share booze right? You know how many lives have been ruined by booze. Shit loads. Yep, we grow our own, and love to share it, and we arnt hurting anybody…..despite the lies they told you to think.

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