Are You Ready for the New Regulations? Cannabis Farmer’s Compliance Workshop in Briceland

Briceland Farmer's Compliance Workshop flyer

Press release from the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department:

On Saturday July 16th, the County of Humboldt is holding a Cannabis Compliance workshop in the Octagon at Beginnings in Briceland.

Staff from the Planning & Building Department will be on hand to answer questions about the Humboldt County Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance (CMMLUO – Ord. #2544)

Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 26, 2016, the ordinance (CMMLUO) establishes land use regulations governing the Commercial Cultivation, Processing, Manufacturing and Distribution of Cannabis for Medical Use. The Ordinance is the first of its kind in the State of California and was developed consistent with the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), which was signed into law by… Governor Brown on October 9, 2015.

The County Ordinance provides a pathway for existing and new operators to achieve compliance and become eligible to pursue state licensing pursuant to MMRSA. The ordinance includes a registration deadline of August 23rd for existing operators to declare their cultivation sites. The last day to apply for a permit for commercial activities is December 31st, 2016.

Staff from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) will also be on hand to answer questions about the Board’s Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharge Regulatory Program (CCWDRP), which was established under the Waiver of Waste Discharge adopted by the RWQCB in August of last year (Order # 2015-0023). Compliance with the Order is requirement under the County’s Ordinance.

Staff from the Department of Fish & Wildlife will be in attendance to present on common activities that are subject to permitting under section 1600 of the Fish & Game Code –which governs activities which occur in the bed, channel, or bank of surface water features, including rivers and streams. Compliance with Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code is now mandatory for MMRSA licensees.



  • Welcome to the wonderful world of safe and “legal” and “out of the shadows” marijuana!! No more scary “black-market” criminals! Yay!!… Just a few regulations are needed…You will need a permit to grow. A permit to use your own water. Your private land will be opened up for many inspections to be conducted whenever the different government agencies determine is best for them and will include but is not limited to: your private road and it’s culverts, bridges, drainages, etc; your grow site and it’s grading, soil quality, drainage, storage of materials, techniques and use of any pest mitigation agents, etc etc; your water system- source, storage (ponds must be perc-tested and possibly rebuilt), transport, pumping, etc etc. Your home and any other buildings will be open to inspection once the county building department has you on file and that old class-k might not be so good anymore since you are now running a licensed business out of it (oh, they didn’t advertise this), your septic, etc. There may be other requirements to be determined later by any of a dozen different agencies that will now have your location in their file- worker housing/septic system and processing(drying/trimming/bagging) appearing to be the first most obvious. OSHA standards will apply. (OSHA may inspect). You will be required to hire engineering firms to sign off on all of these requirements (they are now charging exorbitant rates as they are backed up w/ orders) and your heavy equipment work must be done by licensed operators. Expect to pay licensing and permit fees, county and state taxes. Your information will be available to the IRS and they may decide to monitor your federal tax returns (where operating costs are not allowed as a deduction). You will not be allowed to distribute your own product but must sell it to a company that is in the “tier” of distributing to the retail outlets. And yes, the price paid for product will be definitely dropping through the floor! Isn’t it wonderful that we are now so “legal” and safe? It sure is great!!

    • Hermit of Livry

      Did you really think you were going to get an exception?

      “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, (pot grower and professed Christian) to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13

    • Agree with everything you said. Anyone that is dumb enough to willingly sign up is sure in for a treat. I know someone who got a huge pamplet (I’m talking several hundred pages) describing everything you need to do to come into compliance. Besides the obviously ridiculous amount of hoops you need to jump threw There will probably be around 50-100k worth of expenses from signing up, depending on how large scale and how ‘to there standards’ your grow already is. Besides that once you jump threw all the hoops and do everything to come into compliance, I’m about 99% sure they will be asking you at the end of the year where your 100’s of LBs went, and at which time unless you got some serious club connections, I really doubt there gonna be O.k. with ‘I just sold it too some guy, but he had a 215’ Anyway ya, this is basically R.I.P humboldt. I’m sure some mega growers will sign up, but I’m absolutely certain hundreds if not thousands of small timers are not gonna go threw the this huge burden.

      • Many “small timers”as you put it will not be affected as none of the new laws erase existing ones. The compassionate use act is still in effect,and script holders can still do their allotted canopies. So, many of these personal use and pay the bills type mom and pop growers will be just fine. Colorado is buying up everything anyway so no one should worry… there will ALWAYS be a black market, so long as there is federal prohibition, and even then states will still retain the right to outlaw, so black market will never die.

    • Yep you hit the nail on the head here. Sad misguided sheep following the flock to slaughter. It’s now becoming a sick joke.

      • Have Fun Out There

        Don’t and see where that gets you. The water board is already sending out letters giving 30 days to register or get fines of a thousand dollars a day .People have gotten them in the mattole valley and whitethorn . The building inspector told me there is a guy who sits at a computer on google earth marking every property getting ready to send out the letters and fine notices to comply on aug 24 2016 . So good luck with that huge grow and not registering

        • If they use the last posted photos they will miss lots of sites as they chose an early season time to run the photos. Meaning only the earliest planters will show up.

      • Fracking funny comments! Maybe if you folks would look up for a minute and look in and beyond CA, yo will see people are absolutely crushing the game, LEGALLY. They are making tons of money and having fun doing it. All the bitching and moaning is coming from jealousy.

    • HAHAHAHAHA, do you live under a rock? Have you been stuck in the hills too long? Do you have any idea how a legal business is run? This isn’t a rainbow gathering. Just because its the groovy weed , man, doesn’t mean it can’t operate as a legal business, man. I think people have been growing hair for far to long and need to learn how the real world looks. People acting like this is some crazy ass situation to have to fall into compliance. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. I hope the black market stays strong. I hope people can survive off cannabis without going legal. I do not agree with some of the hoops with this new legal framework. But, if some hoops don’t get ya all freaked out, they are worth jumping through.

  • Robert Ulibarri

    I hear a lot of criticisms on the new requirements but no alternatives on how legal grows can be managed. Oh yah, everything from this time forward will be patterned after Colorado, Washington and Oregon once recreational use is approved.

    • There is no alternatives. You basically need to do everything that’s required of you to become a ‘legal grower’ and as of right now and from what I’ve heard from folks, it’s one hell of a process and will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. Like i said in my comment above, the people that are willingly signing up are gonna be in for a treat. And the people that are relatively small timers are not gonna go thru this nightmare ordeal of coming into compliance. This is gonna kill humboldt because only people that are gonna do this are the mega growers who more then likely arn’t even from here and have the kind of money to do this. As for the people that are basically being scared into signing up by the humboldt county waterboard that is a joke also. If all the Waterboard really cares about is the quality of water and run-offs from grow sites then, why are they telling people they need to sign up to come into compliance for COMMERCIAL MARIJUANA instead of some far less tedious, ‘my grow site isn’t effecting any water sheds’ type of plan that doesn’t require you to sign up to be a commercial grower. would love to hear how the waterboard would respond to that question.

    • Have Fun Out There

      The specifics have already been passed by the ca legislator last year and signed by the Governor in sept

  • Have Fun Out There

    The water board registration was cheap and easy .The county on the other hand we shall see

    • I did some more research and it sounds like registering and complying with the waterboard is completely different then registering to become a ‘commercial cannabis grower’ correct? I know someone who got a letter from the waterboard and it basically says in the letter that even if you have a vegetable or any other type of garden in excess of 2000sq feet that you then need to register with them (not just marijuana gardens). So it really wouldn’t make any sense to me if registering with the waterboard ALSO requires you to register as a commercial cannabis grower, since it would seem that some people that have large vegetable gardens got this letter as well. Any thoughts about this from anybody? Kym?

  • Hello ,
    The Bridgevile meeting was very informitive — all these laws /regulations are complaint driven. The take-away of this meeting… sign-up, pay the government agency’s their half, then start reporting those non-compliant neighbors (please remember you must label all your medicinal products SCHEDULE ONE NARCOTIC as required by the new state law)… this community has never been based on this “informing” premise but due to new laws this is the future…

    ( bridgevile meeting above)thanks to kmud.

  • Every farm is going to get a letter from water quality even if you stop farming you are still going to have to fix any issues .Humboldt and water board are making it easy for mom and pops 5000 square foot .less hoops less money
    The future of our community is unsure I personally scared to death wondering if im going to be able to provide for my family.
    Every farmer needs to at least sighn up for the 5000 sq foot or be left behind .Once Humboldt county closes the door you wont get another chance.

  • My question is does my property now become worthless because I am not a registered farm? Especially if I am the only one in my neighborhood is signed up? This sucks man such bull, I feel like I have a gun to my head….. I don’t want to do this…

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