Burglars Steal From Home of Deceased Person

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headstone and urn

Funeral [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Dear Editor,

I am writing today because of a very disturbing event that happened to friends of mine.

A friend of mine passed away recently and while the family was at the mortuary to make arrangements, someone cut through the deceased person’s gate, broke into his house, ransacked the place, and robbed the residence. The family does not know what is missing because they had not gone through his personal belongings yet. It is very difficult to get law enforcement to file a report if you don’t know what was stolen.

After doing a little research I have discovered that this is not uncommon. I would like to warn the public that when you have a death in the family, there are predators out there that will take advantage of the situation. The most common time to get robbed is during the funeral. Please have someone watch the house that you trust so that this doesn’t happen to you. Take inventory of the deceased person’s belongings ASAP so that you know what is there.

And as a note to the person or persons that committed this crime. You are really a piece of work. You stole from three girls. What you took could have helped pay for funeral expenses, or helped his grand-daughter he was raising. I have all kinds of names and mean thoughts for you.




  • Very disturbing crime, especially if they had knowledge of the death. I’m sorry for the decedent’s family’s loss.

    Just for public information: Robbery (211 PC) is a “victim participation” crime. You have to be there for it to be a robbery. If you (or the victim) aren’t there, it’s a Burglary (459 PC). Just for clarification.

  • Things need to change around here. This is a deplorable selfish act most likely by one of our many local tweakers and druggies.
    So sick of seeing this. Is there any assistance we could give to the family?

  • Foulest of the foul = disgusting, revolting, repulsive, repugnant, abhorrent, loathsome, offensive, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, stomach-churning, stomach-turning, distasteful, obnoxious, objectionable, odious, noxious, vomitous

  • I’ll go ahead and say it for you kym. You fucking maggots. That’s about as low as shit gets. Amazing. How do you live with yourself? You are so spun out, you can’t see right from wrong. You have no shame, or pride. This makes me sick. Bet everyone in your life gave up on you, I see why. Just remember you lost soul, every line you snort, shoot, smoke, is satans dried up cum. Get help. Please.

  • On the day that we buried my father, we had a close friend house-sit the property and had the local PD come and remove narcotics from the house, as it was well known in the small community where we resided that my father had died of cancer. This was on the advice of the local Funeral Director. Granted, this was in New Zealand. Persons who burglarize have no scruples whatsoever. They are perfectly opportunistic. Lock down everything of value and trust even fewer. Drug abuse/misuse and burglary go together like proverbial peas and carrots.

  • Other opportunists burglarize while families are at graduations and weddings…. they are pieces of shit, I agree. My elderly aunt always warned us not to put her death notice in the paper until we cleared out the house… I guess her paranoia was well placed. This is not a Humboldt problem. I read about houses being burglarized during weddings and high school graduations all over the U.S.

  • It takes a real slimey person to do something like this . unfortunately I’m not surprised,how sad is that?I’m very sorry to the family for their loss

  • carole hendricks

    Most likely it went to buy dope. The people that did this are nothing short of being scumbags. Why not do grave robbing next? You are nothing. And deserve nothing.

  • Amen to all the above. Words fail me..
    Elder Tip: Pick your heirs and give them everything of value NOW.
    Completely divested of all I hold dear, I have never been more Free or self-assured. I have nothing to lose, and am of no worth to anyone. Plus, as a giver of goods, I have had the joy of experiencing the gratitude of those who have received…no tears, no mourning…just the happiness that comes from giving.
    I offer this advice as “highly” recommended. af

    • This is the best advise one could give.
      The joy of giving and the freedom of weightlessness, equal peace of mind, body, spirit.
      The unsettled business is definitely unsettling for the people we call our heirs.

  • veterans friend

    At least they waited til the person was dead. Anyone remember the movie “ZORBA THE GREEK”?

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