[UPDATE Sunday] Humboldt County Bomb Squad in Rio Dell; Resident Reports Hearing Explosion

bomb squad Rio dellA reader sent us this photo of the Humboldt County Bomb Squad in the area of Second and Berkeley Streets in Rio Dell about 8:50 p.m. Second Street between Berkeley and Columbus is blocked off. The Rio Dell Police confirmed that their officers were at the scene but were not ready to release any information at this time.

“[O]ne guy was getting suited up. And the robot was sitting right outside the trailer,” wrote the resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

We don’t hear any scanner traffic that appears to be related but, according to this site, using scanners, cell phones and radios around a potential bomb could trigger an explosion.

One Rio Dell officer is currently on the way to the Humboldt County Jail with one suspect in some crime but we don’t know that this is related.

As of 9:09 p.m. the reader told us, “Just heard a loud explosion.”

UPDATE 9:56 p.m.:  Andrea a resident of Rio Dell who doesn’t want to give her last name said that earlier she saw “someone in the back of one of the cruiser. I saw our neighbor Dave Bourland.”

Andrea said that an officer told her, “They found an explosive device” in the building and that the Sheriff’s Office was “there to defuse the bomb.”  He also told her that Bourland who has a previous history with law enforcement (see stories below) was being booked on several felony charges.

UPDATE Sunday: According to Sgt. Greg Allen of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, they received a call to assist Rio Dell Police with an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) located at a residence in 200 block of 2nd Street. The device was a six inch long oblong tube.

“EOD techs arrived on scene and confirmed it was a functional device and used the Sheriff’s robot to render the device safe,” Allen explained.

One person was arrested by Rio Dell Police, he said.

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  • God bless our officers. Think about it….the way shit is these days, who would want to be a cop? We all bitch about them, but who do we call when there’s trouble? Yea, they make mistakes, but they’re human, no different from anyone. Ask yourself, could you be a cop? C.H.P. has hirings to age 33, i believe.

    • If I was a cop I wouldn’t be one long. I would want people to get out of cars with their hands up for any stop. There are bads ones but more good. Sometimes I don’t understand why they shoot people but if your worried about getting shot you should just put your hands up to be on save side not try to grab anything from coat or pockets. How to the cops know what your getting. There are bad in every profession just alot more in politics lol

      • They are number 10 in dangerous jobs .One point one million cops in America .One tenth of one percent are ever hurt .Just police propaganda. A pge lineman has a much more dangerous Job Fact.

    • Charlotte McDonald

      Excuse me. I don’t bitch about them. I am Law Enforcement Proud 👮💙👮💙👮💙 they are my family!!! EPD, FPD, HCSO, CHP, etc. All law abiding lives matter! And if you’re going to be stupid with law enforcement then there are consequences no matter the color of your skin.

      • Pussy cops shoot first and ask questions later . So your friends with the sheriffs that blew off that girls hand with illegal fireworks or the one caught sneaking drugs into the jail or the one who killed the girl; on the back of his motor cycle drunk driving or the ones who put pepper spray in the kids eyes with q tips or the ones shaving peoples hair for no reason . The county has paid hundreds of thousands in law suits because of their actions

      • Charlotte, ” All law abiding lives matter “? I have family in law enforcement & I still think ALL LIVES MATTER, NOT JUST LAW ABIDING LIVES. You may be “law enforcement proud”, but your comment makes you sound a bit biased, as if no other life matters. You should know that even people who are arrested are still innocent until proven guilty & even if found guilty their lives still matter. Good grief.

  • What a night heard there was a guy going nuts with 2×4 at fortuna trailer village as well .

  • Food for thought

    These poor guys gotta deal with such degenerates. I bet if some bloody tweaker spit in yur face you’d feel a little differently about police brutality. Obviously each case is different. Just sayin. Thank u too the good ones.

  • The forunta p d. Did right by me. 17 yrs. Ago, they wrote the best report when my then husband tried to kill me and my then 9 yr. D daughter. Officer scott hillman, was amazing. He will always be my hero. Support our cops! Ask yourself , really, could you be a cop? Dought it, or a vet ….

  • Thank you to all law enforcement we have!you put your lives on the line everyday.and just like the rest of us who work we just want to go home at night.its a thank less job.its a dangerous world these days and I wouldn’t want to be a cop today.Thank You

  • Thank a pge lineman his job is way more dangerous

  • Thank GOD for the Police, sure there are some bad apples in the bunch, but you dont throw away the whole bushel over one bad one.

  • Cops do have a hard job, but like it’s been pointed out its far from the most dangerous. How ever they still NEED accountability, more so then other professions. otherwise we will degrade into a lawless corrupt dictatorship. There must be accountability for all “government officials.” Although it’s pretty obvious most are already above the law, and if not don’t worry, they will just change the laws to suit their needs.

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