Marijuana Raids: Orleans Area Today, Pecwan and Weitchpec Yesterday With Approximately 14,000 Plants Eradicated So Far


Marijuana grow raided in 2015 in the Weitchpec area [Photo from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.]

According to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, his agency, the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) as well as Fish and Wildlife officers, raided

two different areas for marijuana grows yesterday. They are also raiding in the Orleans area out Red Cap road today.

Hanson said the plants taken yesterday were on Yurok Tribal land in the Pecwan and Weitchpec area. Approximately, two thousand were removed from the Pecwan area and twelve thousand from the Weitchpec area. “This was because of water diversions,” Hanson explained. “We believe that they were drug trafficking organizations.” But, he said, he is still gathering information and doesn’t have all the details at this time.

The three sites targeted today in the Orleans area are on US Forest Service land, Hanson explained. “We’re targeting drug trafficking sites that are destroying our environment,” he said. “We’re not going after the little guy….We are trying to make public lands safer for people who are trying to enjoy Mother Nature.”

Although there are three trespass grows targeted today, more might be located when the helicopter that accompanies CAMP flies the surrounding area, Hanson explained.

Hanson said that because he was still gathering information from officers in the field he wasn’t sure what focused law enforcement on the grows yesterday but likely, he said, it was a routine reconnaissance flight in June like the one that brought attention to the grows in the Orleans area that are being raided today.”

“Typically we do overflights in known high density areas where people do this,” he explained. Usually, the Sheriff’s Office finds the grows and then requests CAMP assistance to eradicate the plants. “Their resources…are no cost to the county,” he said.



  • Thanks law enforcement for trying .The forest service should put people back to work in the woods and give people something to be proud of .

  • 3ft by the

    Those plants are UUuuUuGE !!! Damn. Sky high and mile wide by mid July. …

  • Why are they bothering such small scale growers?…. Only 14,000 plants.

    • Hahaha, Ernie, you crack me up!

    • They probably didn’t pay the protection money….I mean taxes.

      • yep, yeah good ole american gov, just wants 1/3 of every cent we make. They call this a free country, lol. They won’t be happy till were all homeless…

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Remember, Ernie, if your garden is big enough to be its own national forest, it’s too big. If you get alien crop circles, it’s too big. If you can see it from the space station. . . .

      • Ernie Branscomb

        Lost Coast Outburst, All valid points, but I can’t help but wonder if the crop circles are caused by space aliens or illegal aliens. You gave me a good chuckle.

  • Yurok Tribal Member

    OPERATION YUROK has begun! More suicides to come! U don’t see wut u are doing to our people? It’s very clear where u are allowed to grow medical cannabis people and economy’s are doing good. Down on the Rez our people are suffering, from the last three years of Operation Yurok, lies about pot growers sucking the river dry and pesticides killing salmon. Good propaganda to brainwash the people who don’t actually live out here and don’t know what is really going on. The truth about water diversions and the river being sucked dry is the multiple dams on the river. Diverting 3/4’s of the river to the Central Valley to GMO farms, not to mention the hay farmers in the scots valley! The truth about pesticides and environmental damage, can be laid on Simpson timber company now called “Green Diamond.” There is all this talk about pot growers using pesticides and Environmental damage, which maybe true for some but on a very small scale. Compared to the 700,000 acres that green diamond owns around all of our rivers, creeks and streams. Clear cutting, destroying wildlife habitat, spraying massive amounts of pesticides and herbicides “year round” with no regards to Mother Nature, animals, creeks, springs, and rivers. The replanting of millions of fir trees that are growing way to close together choking out the forest so nothing can live in it. Not to mention those millions of fir trees sucking all the water from near by creeks and springs. And the hack and squirt (killing) off all our native trees, tan oak, Chinquapin, madrone, alder everything but there firs That they are planting. If u don’t believe me go on google earth, start at big lagoon and check out the maple creek drainage all the way up. That is just a fraction of what green diamond is doing. After you check that out you might change your mind about the evil “Pot Growers!”

    Back to the Rez, Suicides are off the charts, you are not allowed to grow, if you are a Native American on the Rez you are not allowed to have a 2:15 medical grow! but everyone else in the emerald triangle can. there are no jobs where our people live. Family’s who once were doing good had a job growing cannabis now do not, do to the tribes “zero tolerance” policy. More and more people resorting to cooking meth and heroin because that seems to be legal on the Rez. People are going around like zombies completely out of there minds and that seems to be okay with the tribe! Now if u have any cannabis in your yard they are bringing the military in like its Afghanistan. We have way more people then ever before, going around thieving, a lot more home invasions that u never here about because they are on the Rez. When is the fight against the Native Americans going to end! Wake up Yurok Tribe you are holding our people down!

    • ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผโ˜๐Ÿผthat looooonnggg paragraph has a very truthful valid point

    • This is the only intelligent reply to the Police State actions that are going on here day after day.

      Just get to know one of these CAMP goons and you will see where their programming has originated, US armed forces training.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      I agree with every point you made in your comment. I’m not a tribal member but I have lived in that area for many years. For a long time now I have recognized everything you mentioned and wondered why things are the way they are. I just don’t understand why the Tribe is so set on depriving their people of the chance to take advantage of an opportunity that could make life a little easier and better for those who would like to do that.

      They claim the reason for “Operation Yurok” is because the growers are destroying their environment and stealing all the water. If that’s true then why are some of the authorities who take part in that operation allowed to stop whoever they feel like driving down the road and completely harass them, usually at gunpoint or at least with gun intimidation, for no reason? Thisi is a fact! And why, on at least one occasion that I know is factual, did authorities cut a diesel fuel line and let hundreds of gallons of diesel run onto the ground and not only get away with that, but attempted to blame and charge the property owner? All in the name of saving the environment from the growers. Bullshit!

    • Set up a demonstration grow that is water conscious, organic and clean. Show the locals how its done, right. The pictures we get to see are of bad looking grows that get little sympathy from me.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        I agree that many of those places they busted should have been busted. Anyone or any group of people who think it’s okay to clear cut and level a whole mountain top to grow some plants while they live amongst they’re piles of garbage deserves to get busted and they get no sympathy from me. That being said don’t you think those pictures were selected for the media for a reason? I can’t speak for Yurok Tribal Member but I’m pretty sure his/her comment wasn’t referring to that type of “grower”. And I’m sure there are that type of irresponsible and disrespectful grow scenes all over this county, not just Yurok territory.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        The Yurok Tribe has a zero tolerance ordinance prohibiting any marijuana growing so to set up a “demonstration grow” would really be setting up a quick trip to jail.

      • fortunatoarriza

        Aeroponics (said to use 90%less water)fed inland phytoplankton , so runoff helps whale population . demonstratable.co2 seizure and oxygen production.opposite of current farming practices.

    • Annamarie Crainie

      You are native american you should be able to grow everyone else can. I love your post I have three children who just got there Indian #’s they are Cherokee all with red hair and freckles! Lol

    • In response to Yurok tribal member Really you’re just a drug dealer spreading misinformation God bless the youth out there that turn away from your addictions .

    • I believe you. Thank you for your truth sharing… sorry. Sad…

  • mendocino mamma

    Speaking the truth is needed Yurock tribal member. Yes indeed. There are so many issues which one does the law pick to pick on…WEED. Sad but true so many years have gone by with this crazy war. Millions spent on prosecution but nothing spent on education. They only way to eradicate crime is to educate people, this gives hope and power. Yurock Nation you have the most beautiful lands in Humboldt on your reservation. What can be done to help yourselves and survive in the madness of our world today? How about form and develop The Native American Earth Studies Center? Has a good ring to it. Put some money into that instead of Fox Farms pocket! The pay out would far exceed a crop of weed.

  • America= Arrogant Men Engaged Ruining Indigenous Culture Altogether!!! Good comments about a sad situation. It sounds like a cliche, but needs to be repeated here, “Be the change you want to see”. Gandi said,”anyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference has never tried to sleep with a mosquito in the room.”

    • mendocino mamma

      Yes. Yes indeed my point exactly. Every journey, change or betterment no matter how small begins with an idea.

      • fortunatoarriza

        Like modify agriproduction now.fundimentally.a family can be fed with a garden top roof.instead of fields of biosolids.human manure ,sterilized,provides perfect growth medium for pathogenic terrifies me,because,inland phytoplankton is a microbe that not only feeds plant direct,foliar,but is good pathogenic (human) food for disease Ecoli (deadly)to organic spinach .

  • ROBERT Martinez

    Those pot growers, white people, stole our generator and scared the piss out of my wife at Tish-Tang campground on May 30 16 they were white, then stole the water valves from the campground!! Losers!! Blue mustang, blond female, white male driver, plate starts with letter L… Other car was white, white idiot 40- 55 yrs… I will find you losers!! I’m here looking!! Don’t blame the Natives!! Others have seen you,.. No one can help you… Good Luck… Bob

  • all yurok tribal member says is true!! i am not on the roll but i am a direct descendant of the yurok tribe. all of our tribes up here in humboldt county are being chocked out and our tribal councils/governments seem to play into the hands of the u.s. government and local big businesses that have interests in our lands and resources. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again and i’m sure i’m not the first to make this statement but…we native americans are a black-eye to this united states of america. the country that made and still makes every attempt to be rid of the original inhabitants. everyone other than the original peoples are immigrants. i know lots of non-natives get pissed to read this but it is true. our people are fighting a constant battle to survive in a world that refuses to allow us to be who we are…on and on and on. too much to say, not enough space and time to say all that needs saying. hang on my peeps!!! if not for this world…then for the next!!!

  • The Yurok tribal council did ask for that policy. Vote them out of office and pick new council members, its hard to blame this on others when hardly anyone on the Yutok rez will vote in the elections…

  • “…they are bringing the military in like its Afghanistan…” Check out the Mendocino Sheriff’s Song and Dance in this day’s post. af

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