Fire in Homeless Encampment North of Redway: How Many Fires Does This Make?

A fire that started near a homeless encampment north of Redway was put out quickly by Cal Fire. The first call came in around 9:26 p.m. Cal Fire was on the small blaze within minutes and had it out very soon.

Local resident Kim Sallaway reports that the fire was only about 25 feet off the west side of the Redwood Drive.

Fire in a homeless camp Fire in a homeless camp Fire in a homeless camp Fire in a homeless camp

How many fires have there been near this turnout north of Redway in the last month? asks Sallaway who worries that his home is in danger from these frequent fires.



  • Parasites are a danger everywhere they go. The fires won’t go away until they do.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Interesting how they phrase this a “fire near a homeless encampment”…… Looks to me like it’s very much IN a homeless encampment!

  • Disgusting

  • They will waite until somebodies house burns down, before they do any thing about this problem, We have nothing against homeless people, we have something against their disregard for others safety and their carelessness in taking their trash with them. It is like having a problem child in your home. What to do ?

  • “Home Sweet Home”!
    Hey dig my license plate collection…how cool is that??

  • Respect is a two way street and the general disrespect the transients/newcomers/houseless have for the locals is staggering. It used to be that someone who camped actually knew how to camp. Now, the lack of education has led us to a generation that doesn’t even know how to set up a tent or acquire a raincoat. This is the product of our end-times society at large.

    • Times have changed. In the beginning of the 90’s I would camp and hangout at different spots around Shelter Cove and Redway area. Every local I met was super cool. They always helped me with whatever I needed. I was even shown camp spots that were on different properties. The owners were cool, the locals were cool and mutual respect was shown. How did everything change??

      • sharpen your pencil

        People doing drugs, mischievous behavior, and setting properties on fire…. Most of these people don’t even respect themselves and that’s how they end up in a bum fire down by the river#

  • Looks like eel river clean up project has there work cut out for them that camp site is nasty and the woman who lives there is a totle wack gob I tried to pick up her trash on Tuesday and she went off on me for tacking her recycling we more help from the publick I was by myself Tuesday mike miller is laid up with back problems Brian had other work to do what happened to our other members come on people step up if you don’t like the problem be part of the solution e r c p needs all the help we can get.

  • Who’s freakin bum camp has that 4 runner right before renner going towards redway that was sticking out in the road on the right?

  • How many fires where in that camp last year? I know of at least six during the dry spring/summer season alone.
    Visit the beautiful redwoods make sure to stop in Garberville/Redway and see open heroin and crank dealing on the streets.

  • veterans friend

    People who live in houses also have fires. Or didn’t you know that?
    Go ahead, put it all on the houseless.

    • They are scumbag junkies! How is it that they are allowed to trespass like this? I dont understand how a landowner could let this happen. Ive hiked up there..its beautiful property..covered in trash. When & where do people meet for cleanup days? I will help because i cherish my community and wilderness. Its a slap in the face feeling like i gotta wipe these scumbag’s asses for them though.

      • tuesday and friday, 11:00 am in front of tiger lily books in garberville, by the laundromat.

        • Do the bums just lurk around while you all clean their camps? Seems awkward. Lucky them…they get free land & butlers. No wonder all these scumbags *CHOOSE* this lifestyle. I am thankful that people still care & are doing these cleanups..thanx. I will join in when i can make it into town.

      • Dave Bushnell owns it, ask him.

    • Stop enabling scum. Those who have houses have respect for their own property. These shitbags think they own the state, and are entitled to do anything they want.

  • Aren’t there any pamphlets or posters available for safer campfire or BBQ techniques? Accidents happen, but the more they learn, hopefully they can be minimized.
    No camping allowed. No campfires allowed.
    During camping season, please follow thes guidelines:
    Dig a hole…

  • This fire was not caused by someone in a house. It was caused by 2 careless campers cooking breakfast while distracted rolling a joint. The evidence was all very clear. There was no water available to extinguish a fire, even a small one.
    I am quite accurate when I put the all the blame for this careless camp fire on the homeless campers. Thank God the Cal Fire guys were available quickly. Open fires are not permitted in Humboldt County at this time of year. We have so much to lose.
    Fire Chief Brian Anderson told me this fire site is owned by Humboldt County. When are we going to have the County do something about these fires? When Redway catches on fire it will be far too late for further excuses. Come on Estelle. Do something for us.

    • veterans friend

      Why would you put it on Estelle? The property owner is allowing this to happen. It is between him or her and law enforcement.

      • Dear Friend,
        If you read more carefully you see that the reason that it is Estelle’s problem is because it’s COUNTY PROPERTY. Get it?

        To the person that says nothing will happen until somebody’s house burns down. Are you kidding me? Firefighters have been to so many feral human caused fires that they have lost count. Among others, the whole north end of Garberville, including the Trees Restaurant and The Branding Iron burned from Ferals living in the basement. What was done about that? Nothing.

        • it’s also her problem because she is not calling it what it is a crisis in our communities drugs and addiction .

  • property owners need to clear the under brush or “PARK UP” the hillside,exposing the areas. they would not be there if they could be seen. Besides the fire safety aspect, this could be a job opportunity for some motivated individuals to clear the land.The county needs to clear 100 to 200 feet from the roadway. Maybe the County could kick in funds to the property owners to help alleviate costs. WE ARE SICK OF THIS ONGOING PROBLEM

  • Send the fire cleanup bill to the property owner and sue them for allowing an illegal campground. The cops should be doing daily visits to get these people out of the woods. What’s the point of doing sweeps if they don’t follow up on them?

  • this is not the first time Barb’s campsite (or one of her r.v.s )has caught fire this season.

  • Back in the good old days when fishing and logging thrived in Humboldt County this problem would be dealt with in the form of local men paying these bums a visit with pick handles. Get a beating and don’t come back.

  • He’ll the cops should arrest them all just for them being under the influence of a controlled substance good for nintey days in jail .the cops know this law they just don’t want to do there job .I like the idea of suing the land owner for just letting scum live on there land .starting fires the idiots should know no fires this time of year .why don’t cal fire check for camp fires in the bum camps that have been there for 15 yrs or more.

    • sick and tired

      Well w/ they’re “free” cell phones I’m sure 911 is called immediately when they start a fire…

    • All a property owner in CA can legally do is to call the cops. If you forcibly remove some one from you property you can be charged with assault. Even if the perpetrator is armed we are a (retreat state) and are supposed to retreat to safety and call 911. Soon we’ll be like parts of the UK were you can be charged with asualt for defending your self. And now Governor Brown is passing a bunch of new gun laws that will only effect law abiding people.

      • totally agree with you on this it’s a farce what Browns doing.clearly the problem is they don’t even enforce the laws that are already on the books so they’re just playing politics and making more of us criminals.

  • Why not use the prisoners?they could easily pay off their debts,or time off for working.then the county won’t have to pay shit,no more excuses.its cheap labor . remember chain gangs?it’s better than them just laying around plotting their next crime.just sayin theirs 5ft. Tall dry grass everywhere.i was bitching about it last week.oh by the way my sweet love,Happy 38 wonderful years together.yes image that a couple have stayed together married for can be done!!!

    • Ive always thought that is the best idea G-ma… Put the prisoners to work. That way these people are cleaning up their own messes..or just puting back in to the society that they took from.

  • Surely a lot of these homeless came for the black market weed industry.if you are involved in it you are partially to blame. Roll on full legalization, these people will soon move on.

  • How about a class action law suit against the county .Estelle should be named and Downey should be named , in the suit for lack of action . This is bullshit they took all that tax money for cops the jail and prosecutors .They should have told us that it was for law enforcement only it would have never passed .They also never told us they could use the tax money for whatever they felt like . They scammed the public .They told us they would fix the roads . They are getting worse by the day .Wilcox fixed the road for them for free WTF is with that . LETS SUE THE COUNTY TO MAKE THEM DO THERE JOB >

  • Well Ernie the problem with the feral humans which I think is the best name to dicribe them .is when they burn down both g villa and redway .then the problem solved sorta like when I was a kid the local men at that time they the hippie s in briceland got there ass beat and the town was on fire were they all conga rated were the only phone booth in town .the local men who kik ed them out were prominent men at the time maybe something like that should happen before the ferals burn it all down. Just saying we have two choices go vigilante or let it burn because Estell and her crew inept Downey , are doing next to nothing .Downey is the worst sheriff to my recollection .

  • Might be a good idea to have a designated area where people can camp. Otherwise you might chase them further into the woods and a fire started further off the road would be even more dangerous. You can’t stop the homeless unless you give them some sort of home! The homeless population is growing all over the country. More and more people can not afford rent even when working. People are migrating out of the urban centers where rent is outrageous and looking for work. Some are mentally ill but not all. It’s not like you can get rid of the problem by being vigilantes. Chase some out- others will move in and fill their space.

    If they have some sort of campground maybe they could all teach each other fire safety and some social skills instead of running all the time from place to place. During the depression this is what counties did- set up tent cities, then mobile home parks. We so need this. If we don’t take care of our citizens then all h*ll eventually breaks loose.

    Plus, when you kick them out of the woods they go sleep in people’s back yards. And sometimes start fires there. If there was a designated camp ground or 2 then barbecues might replace fire pits.

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