Sooo, You Take Photos? Prove It!


Press release from Congressman Jared Huffman’s Office:

Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) announced that he will hold a district-wide landscape photography competition starting Wednesday, July 6th. Constituents who live in California’s second congressional district should email their original landscape photograph to and include their name, hometown, and the location of the photo in the body of the email with “photo submission” as the subject of the email. Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

“This photography competition will showcase what is without a doubt the most beautiful Congressional District in the nation,” Congressman Huffman said. “I look forward to seeing what Northern Californians submit, from the Golden Gate Bridge standing sentinel at the San Francisco Bay to the remote beauty of the Lost Coast, to the ancient Redwood forests.”

During the contest, submissions will be posted in real time and constituents will vote on photos by “liking them” on and The two winning photographs, as determined by most likes combined between Instagram and Facebook, will be announced on Thursday, July 21st. Each photograph will be published as Congressman Huffman’s official Twitter header photo, Facebook cover photo, and Instagramprofile photo for one month a piece.



  • I have seen amazing photos on this site.some of which should be sent to this contest.this is awsome

  • Appears the congressman is trying to be lovey dovey with his voters. More than likely trying to get them to forget his involvement in the “anti-gun crusade” of congress!! Go throw another tantrum!!

    Anyone sending photos should find out the legality on who owns those photos after you send them. If you want to retain your rights to the photo you may need to include some type of use waiver. Check with a professional photographer first

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