Humboldt Couches….

Funky couch

“Trying to get rid of a matching couch love seat set…has holes were you sit but looks really good just would need some plywood or something under the cousins… .” (Editor’s note: The cousins might be better off skipping the cushions and just sitting on the plywood..!)

This evocative Craigslist ad captured the attention of HumCouches, a Tumblr that offers nothing but photos of free couches available here in the Emerald eye.

The proprietor of HumCouches tells us that the site has been up for over a year.

He sent this poetic description of what he does:

i get most of my images from local free ads, but i have friends who send me pics and i have even found a few
abandoned beauties myself.

people either enjoy it or think i’m nuts. myself, i find it interesting that some of these items are in great shape
and others look ready for the dump but someone still has hope that it will be taken off their hands.

is it art? maybe 🙂 is it silly? yes.

Do photos like this spark your imagination? Check out



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