[Found] Purse Lost on the Avenue!

woman with dreads and kidsA purse was lost in Phillipsville area today.

Single mom, Anni Billingsley was taking her kids into Garberville when she lost it. “[W]ith all the excitement of getting the kids and the dog in the car, I must have had a half-brained moment and left my purse on the trunk of the car, and without realizing it, drove off down the Avenue towards Garberville,” Anni Billingsley explained.

After she discovered it was gone, she went to the Phillipsville market and asked if anyone had turned in a purse but no one had. “[T]hen the kids and I drove down the Avenue hoping that we could find it. All I found was my deodorant …about half a mile to a mile south of the Deerhorn market, but that was it.”

Billingsley thinks her purse fell off the trunk. She believes, “[W]hen it did my deodorant fell out and someone driving by must have saw it on the side of the road and picked it up.”

“It had everything I had in it,” she said. “My driver’s license, mine and the kid’s social security cards, debit cards, other cards of value, including my child support card for my son and a gas card, etc… it was a navy blue “the Sak” purse And the wallet is a darker green Coach wallet that my little boy got me for my birthday years ago that has great sentimental value, as well as the contents monetary value.”

UPDATE Wednesday: A good Samaritan had turned the purse into the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Billingsley has her purse back!



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