Fire at Transient Camp Burns 3 Acres

Press release from Humboldt Fire:

Humboldt Bay Fire Department HBF EurekaAt 12:55 P.M. today Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a reported vegetation fire at the Foot of T Street. Upon arrival, fire department personnel found a transient encampment on fire with citizens in the immediate area trying to extinguish the tent. At that point, there was approximately one-quarter of an acre of dry grass and brush burning. The fire was spreading slowly.

Fire personnel told the citizens to evacuate the area as they were in immediate danger from the spreading fire.

Additional resources were ordered to the scene. The fire was contained on three sides by natural barriers, and fire crews improved a foot trail as a control line. Fire crews then managed the fire within the containment lines and removed unburned fuels.

The fire was completely extinguished within approximately 1 ½ hours. There were no injuries at the fire and approximately three acres of grass and brush were burned.

Humboldt Bay Fire wants to remind everyone that campfires should never be left unattended. Only trained and equipped fire personnel should attempt to fight larger fires as fires can grow rapidly.



  • Thought you might like a photo or two

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  • Good job humboldt bay fire .

  • Been alot of vegetation fires as of late.cut that shit down,it goes up quickly,all that tall crap I see everywhere.dry,tall makes me worry.

  • How do we get them to put up no throwing cigarette butt signs up at least along the 101 every so often .? Anyone know how to get the ball rolling?

    • Way too obvious. No butt tossing signs could be at every trail head and all along the highway. But the powers that be on some level want fires. There is a self-destruct psychology with us overpopulated humans that is downright suicidal. There are so many obvious things that could be easily avoided in this world, like say, putting a lock on the pilot’s doors before 9/11/01. I thought that every time I walked into a plane. Highjackings were not uncommon before 9/11. The Israeli’s knew and their planes were secure. We’re a clever little creature but basically we’re somewhere between bone dumb and outright homocidal/suicidal.

  • Good job citizens and fire crews!!! I thought the home-less were moved away from the Bay, to other locations? As for the high grass, it should be all cut down and kept down, less places for these people to hide, and makes our Bay look nicer

    • veterans friend

      “These people”? Your compassion for others less fortunate than yourself appears to be dysfunctional

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