[UPDATE 11:11 PM] Structure Fire Threatens Wildland in McKinleyville

CalFire, Eureka and Arcata Fire Departments are responding to a structure fire threatening to spread to nearby wildlands in McKinleyville near Murray Rd.  Powerlines are threatened.  Please use caution if you’re in the area.

Update 11:11 PM:  Fire is located at the 2700 Block of Daffodil Lane and involves an empty 20X20 outbuilding, fully involved.


[Photo of involved outbuilding. [Photo credit:  Bobby Kroeker]


Photo of involved outbuilding. [Photo credit:  Bobby Kroeker]



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  • Drove by there last night. On one side of the highway(east) it was like Disney Land w/ a Eureka Water front type fireworks display. On the west side u could see flames shooting up a tree. Couldn’t tell if t was a huge Bon fire or structure fire. When I saw fire trucks coming form Trinidad I knew it was a real fire. Looks like the Mucklyville rednecks were really whooping it up last night. It sounded like Vietnam w/ all the big booms & blasts. The dogs & cats had a horrible night. Worst holiday of the year for them. Maybe you could spread some info. On lost dogs today. Thanks.

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