Accident on 101 Closes One Lane Near Miranda

Truck struck overpassA Dodge Ram pickup struck the guardrail near the Miranda exit a little after 8 a.m.. (Caltrans replaced the guardrail in this spot recently.) No one was injured.

One lane has been closed.



  • Lol !the truck is on the bridge or turning under the bridge.or 2 different trucks?looks the same.

    • The truck on the overpass had a 30’gooseneck trailer attatched. the driver did great kept us alive and thank u baby jesus that Bart knows how to drive. trailer blew 3rd tire there. the other 2 tires blew coming from island mountain after dropping off a load. happy to live to see another day. thanx to everyone who assisted

  • Yes but i was safe because my fiance knows what he’s doing . and has reflexes like a cat. god bless have a safe 4th to all

  • Better angle of accident

  • Sounds like you guys were well prepared. Lol. Glad you didn’t kill someone else and I hope caltrans charges you for the guardrail.

  • I’m so glad all of you are safe,whew!and thanks for the answer.Happy 4th

  • If your fiancé Bart is such a good driver, maybe he should keep better tires on his rigs. I could be wrong, but it’s hard to imagine that you would blow 3 good tires in one trip or day, if you were driving safe speeds with good tires… Im glad that you are all safe though.

  • For the asshole that thinks we should pay for guardrail can have a tall refreshing glass of fuck u on the rocks. enjoy

  • Well, thank you for the drink. Why shouldn’t you pay? You were driving a unsafe vehicle down the highway at a unsafe speed. Your awesome driver couldn’t even handle a blowout on his unloaded trailer although only having 2 wheels on a 4 wheel trailer probably didn’t help! You had already fucked up 2 tires- either by bad driving or poor maintenance and you were still towing it down the freeway. It is shit shows like yours going down the road that kill innocent people when things go wrong. Should have just parked it till you could put decent tires on it especially if 2 had already blown . Do you expect me to pay for inattention of maintenance or crappy driving?

    • Jill Mann…they don’t even know you and saw you for what you are,Evil…ignorant and stupid! The o,ly good to come of it was no innocent harmed you and yours were blessed today as you should have been smeared on that road…God Bless Us All!

  • Driftwood sculpter

    Awful straight stretch of road there. ME–OWW! Like a cat. Next time see if you can hit the box.

  • West Benbow calls it like it is.

  • C’mon Jill. Just checked back on the blog to see if you brought me another drink. Or a slice of humble pie. Bet you’ve been checking also. Did “The Cat” tell you to shut your hole because he knows his insurance won’t pay if they find out it was his fault?
    Thanks Eel707

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