‘Semi Pro’ or ‘Not a Genius?’

Jolian Kangas, the owner of Northwest Motor Wholesale on ‘X’ Street in Eureka doesn’t know what to think about the man that tried to break into his shop twice this week. On the one hand, he said, the person had to be a “semi pro” because on Thursday morning “first thing [he] targeted lines coming off of surveillance cameras..[Then] he killed the power by busting the lock on the power box and cutting power.”

On the other hand, he says, “definitely not a genius” because “some time later they tried to break into the office through an old window that was boarded up; however, that alerted the security company and scared them off.”

Then, on Saturday, the alarm went off again. Nothing appeared disturbed and, at first, Kangas thought it must have been a false alarm but then he noticed that ‘someone had clambered up again…to move the camera.”

Kangas believes this is “someone who is very determined to break in and cause havoc if not at my place at another business.” He hopes someone might recognize something from the few images his security camera was able to capture before the lines were severed. “These people are still out there, and I for one am sick of it,” he said. “The more eyes looking out for this culprit and the better off we’ll all be.” Surveillance camera image of thief Surveillance camera image of thief



  • Friggen scumbag!!! Don’t work, steal what’s not yours, burdon society. I’m sick of it too. Poor basturd just trying to make a living from his small business and this asshole trying to take what little this man has.

  • Pos scumbag tweeken thieves. I was born in Humboldt lived here my whole 56 yrs ,and this is the worst I’ve ever scene for stealing .hope it gets better because is it can’t get any worse. Enept Downey still haven’t caught the gas station bandits ,and they probably never will .

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Hate slimy thieves! I think America should start taking a finger every time a thief is caught. And i don’t mean the painless way with anesthesia.

    • Jessica Joy Cooper

      I’ve been saying this for years now!!! May deter them, at the least we will easily be able to identify thieves!!!

  • those cheap plastic sandals are always my frist choice for a quick getaway after a wall and drain pipe second story climb.

  • I still have my 9 iron waitin.round 2

  • Dan Roman

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Huh. All those hours spent scheming and trying to get into a building could be 10 or 15 bucks an hour at a normal job and not have to steal anything. That is assuming they can pass a background and drug test.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Get a dog,? sleep on the premises and catchem live. We really have to get aggressive on this insanity. Maybe leave a bag of tainted crank or H where the scum will suck it up…

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