[UPDATE 10:33 p.m.] Injured Pedestrian Was Struck by Vehicle on Hwy 101 at Indianola; Traffic Diverted

A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on Hwy 101 at Indianola. According to a Humboldt County Sheriff Officer on the scene speaking over the scanner, the subject is breathing but his breathing is labored.

Traffic is being diverted off northbound Hwy 101 onto Indianola.

UPDATE 9:32 p.m.: The patient is loaded into the ambulance with major injuries.

UPDATE 9:49 p.m.: All lanes open. According to our reporter Bobby Kroeker who is on the scene, the driver said he saw the pedestrian hesitate then start across the roadway. The driver said he had no time to stop.
UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: Photos from the scene

Cop cars




  • Glad he’s ok,that said STAY OFF THE FREEWAY unless your a motor vehicle.and at night.yikes it’s just to hard to see.folks at night,let alone trying to cross a freeway.Be careful tonight Happy 4thall

  • So avoidable! I hope the pedestrian survives without life-changing injuries.

  • There must be something in the water up there, this happens on a regular basis

  • It’s the new thing suicide by car it always seems that happened in that area

  • Why was he on the highway? Broke down car? drunk/high?

  • Do we all know to walk on the LEFT side of the road? The one opposing traffic? So you can see what’s coming? And wear light colored clothes? There’s been so many of these accidents lately, and these are good rules to abide by…if one MUST walk along a road or highway, day or night. Stay safe! af

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