[UPDATE] Buds by the Bay: A Marijuana Market in Eureka

Eureka's First Cannabis Market

Today and every Sunday in July, Humboldt and Trinity cannabis growers will be at 716 West Cedar in Eureka (towards the Bay from the Broadway Cinema) from 10 a.m. til 5 p.m.

Eliah Loranger with Ohana Grownfarms who is vending at the event says, “It is for people 21 and over and it is Eureka[‘s] first cannabis Farmers Market as far as I know.”

Bring your 215 and let us know what you think of this historic moment.

UPDATE 3:31 p.m.: Eliah Loranger sent us these photos of the booths.20160703_152815 Cannabis Farmers Market

Eureka's First Cannabis Farmers Market
UPDATE 9:36 p.m.: One group of workers. Photo by a reader.
Workers at Eureka's First Cannabis Market

UPDATE 7/10: Buds by the Bay will not be happening today.



  • Awesomeness!! Will be making the drive down for sure.

  • I’m gonna take some of my weed there and see how it all works .

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    No matter what everyone says, I do not believe in this type of activity. I guess I’m from the OLD SCHOOL and was not raised to condone this type of activity. Sorry

  • If you have your up to date 215 ,or is this market just for selling weed not for buying weed ? Kym do you have any more info say hello to merna for me happy 4 of july.

  • I’ll be checking it out.thanks kym!!

  • There is a 215 Farmers Market in Lake County, city of Lucerne since (at least) 2011. Great vibes, everything “215” related, plus you can speak with the actual farmers at these markets, locate hard-to-find strains/products while avoiding the middle man/dispensary Financial Raping. Congratulations on your Farmers Market and support your local farmers.

  • John Fullerton

    The issue of medical pot dispensaries allowed in Eureka is before the Eureka Planning Commission now and won’t go to the City Council until August.

    I thought the City Council had decided on no dispensaries until they made their decisions on the issue.

    Who issued the permits for this ?

    • Justsayno Dope

      Thanks John….

      Dope makes people dopey and i vote that EPD shuts it down now!
      Drug Addiction is killing Eureka and when I see them young kids strung out on drugs… it just breaks my hart.

      • Could not of said it better myself just say no.

      • Yeah its too bad all those tweakers are addicted to meth. MJ has many medicinal benefits, something a lot of “drugs” lack. Maybe this is exactly what we need to heal our community. How many people do you see wandering the streets “strung out” on THC? LOL come on now, it’s becoming harder and harder to deny the evidence in front of us that the government has been trying to hide. I think our country will really benefit from acceptance versus resistance.

      • Seriously though Alcohol, pills and other hard drugs like meth and herion are better for Eureka yeah that’s why we stay South or North. Your mentally deranged!!!

    • Eureka already has a dispensary, and for quite some time now.

  • I got the impression from the people I talked to about the Lake County cannabis market that it operated more like a farmers market than a brick and mortar store–thus needing much less in the way of permits. But I am not an expert.

  • Victoria Alvarez

    This kind of Farmers Market is great! Finding good quality Medicines at an affordable price has been difficult with a limited income. The need for community consideration is real. Many of us have to limit and stretch out our medications for the month.

  • Sad day for Humboldt The crisis of addiction all around us .and now this . In large part it was the hypocrite pot growers and there illegal cash that destroyed the industrial base of this county . And made it what it is today .

    • Cannabis destroyed logging?

      Addiction might be all around you in those hills but weed isn’t any more physically addictive than greed.

      • Agree and many are addicted to both…

        • war on drugs rhetoric

          Really???? Have you ever ingested weed?
          C’mon y’all let’s get over this bs about mj addiction. Its ridiculous and statistically very low addiction rates, with dabs being somewhat addictive in that they build up a tolerance and more is needed for the same effect.
          Huh sounds just like alcohol, so anyone who needs more and more alcohol to get drunk should be considered addicts as well.

          To focus on pot as an addictive substance is just part of the bs of the war on drugs. Ask any cop.
          With booze, meth, crank, crack, cocaine (back in full force here again), fake pot, bath salts, prescription pills, heroin, ketamine, gbh, and all the many many more drugs that are highly additive and cause violent behaviors, do you really believe pots the problem?

          Really do a global Internet search of cannabis research, you will find 19,000 studies to read about the amazing results happening medically with pot. Israel does the most mj testing and just found that it helps heal broken bones.
          We have receptors in our brains and even in our skin for cbd. It is truly helping multitudes of people all over the world.
          In fact research is showing that people needing opiate pain meds are not going up in dosage if they are utilizing mj at the same time, which makes stopping the meds easier and doesn’t lead to opiate addiction.
          I think a lot of us forget that many of the addicts we have got that way thru addiction to pain meds given to them by a western medicine doc. Do you really think pots worse than that?

  • Wear a tie and look your best.

    The cops will be filming the event and taking license plate numbers.

    They may also be up to their entrapment tactics towards luring innocents into the trimmer trade.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Who is Hillary? Is that the one who is called Lying Hillary? That’s the only one that I know. I thought they had already locked her up in a padded cell in Leavenworth.

  • Justsayno Dope

    Dope makes you a dope and I’m hoping and vote that EPD shuts it down. Drug Adiction is killing the City of Eureka… open your eyes and think about your own kid’s strung out on drugs…

  • trim scene sollutions in redway has been doing it for months.great vibes,super success.the county should look at this as a model.

  • First of all just because you use Marijuana doesn’t mean you do every drug out there.THATS BULLSHIT.if it wasn’t for pot I’d be all crippled up throwing up,and in so much pain.i suffer from chronic persistent Lyme diesese for 14 years.and thank god for Marijuana,I’m moving the throwing up stopped,I’m living again!!!enjoying my life such as it is.so all the doubters,don’t talk shit about it unless you’ve walked in those shoes.

  • And there’s a difference between dope,and weed!!

  • Sweet, this is dank!

  • Obadiah E. Switzer


  • G MA I hear you I’m permanently disabled I’m about to have a third operation on my left foot ,due to the work i did as a.ironworker rod buster for 25 years. Back is shot .from bending over tieing steel .with that being said. With out my mary Jane I would have no quilty of life at all .I am living proof of the need for a 215 .I grow once a yr out door, qnd I have enough medicine to last me the yr ,and I dont have to pay the high prices ad the dispensary. SO Thank god for the 215 if it weren’t for that I’d be breaking the law and grow it anyway ,and be a outlaw which I would not like being .I just want to be law abiding citizen ,and grow it in peace.

    • I’m so glad it provides help for you to.i quit listening to the doubters years ago,and smile with relief.im learning how to do the home thing and it’s work but worth it.cheers

  • Sweet! This is the start in a boost for the economy in a ligament way! I bet everyone will really benefit from the tax revenue, tourism, regulation of the industry and from the medicine that is now available in a safe environment. Regulation of this market could also help good people grow their livelihoods and minimize a lot of stress and fear. Maybe more people will be persuaded to buy ganja that is grown with a lower impact on the environment and grown in a health conscious way (organic vs. conventional). Knowing that the product from growing through processing is done safely is really important. This move could also potentially cut out a lot of the crime in this area, lower the Trim-migrant impact, and mistreatment of workers. There is a lot of potential here!! Good job Humboldt!!

  • Sad to see so many weirdos calling this some kind of drug event. I hope the split between reality and the world fox/cnn/etc. made up can be bridged with actual thought sometime in my children’s generation.

  • I hope your children will never have to move out of state so they’re lives are saved.what I mean this weirdo drug saves the lives of children all over the world.from having 250 seizures a day to ZERO.Thats not weird it’s a miracle to those parents who watch their children dying before their eyes.they have to move to a state that allows them to receive life saving medicine and live.so if that makes those children weirdos I’m sure their happy to be just that.im grafeful too because now I get to watch my Grandkids grow up!!!!!

  • So I wasn’t sure where to ask this question, but I think this would be a good opportunity.

    I live surrounded by grows in an unincorporated area of the county.Basically we are in a residential section of a very small town. My question is…..Why would growers be sending workers outfitted in Hazmat suits into their greenhouses? Just wondering. Should I be concerned about what may be blowing out of those exhaust fans?

    • That sounds like they might be spraying bugs?if it’s the growers and not the law.my guess,but stay up or down wind.be careful stay wise!!!it’s a reasonable question.those fans help keep the air moving

    • Most likely the suits aren’t to protect the workers but to protect the plants. Broad mites and other pest infestations often occur when people enter the growing area with bugs on their clothing picked up outdoors or in other gardens. The suits might also just to keep the sticky weed stink off their clothes if the plants are in full flower.

      None of this applies of course if you’re talking about workers wearing respirators in addition to the suits. At that point as a neighbor I’d probably start getting pissed off.

    • Inquire Within

      As a neighbor, who is “allowing” them to cultivate cannabis, I would inquire as to the chemicals they are using. Anything that requires a suite and respirator, is not good and I would not jeopardize my health, my families health or my animals health for their profit. You get nothing out of it but cancer causing chemicals. It doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. Stand up for yourself!! You could just call the county and have them investigate. If they are going legal and are not using deadly chemicals, then they have nothing to worry about.

  • Those strains are genetically traceable back to the owners .After next year law suits on genetics will be next . DJ short will be looking for his due and others have documented strain genetics and copyrighted them in books with photos etc . Pay the man for those strains you just crossed .

  • is there any contact information to participate and booth cost?

  • Will it be going on tomorrow?

  • Someone told me it was cancelled. Would be great to know that before I make the 90 min drive down…?


    • Delicate cough…Hi, I am this “crackhead reporter.” I run this site pretty much by myself. Tonight there was a bomb squad detonating a bomb which seemed important for me to follow up on. Nonetheless, I still managed to track down the information that Buds by the Bay has been postponed.

      Reporters even ones with large salaries and a team supporting them, can only provide information they can actually find the answer too. If it was easy to get this answer, you would have found it without my help….

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