Warning: Keep Back…New Shelter Cove Signs Advise Beachgoers the Bluffs May Collapse

Warning Sign at Shelter Cove
Two new signs in Shelter Cove remind beachgoers that the bluffs are unstable. Three large landslides temporarily closed the popular destination in May.

Recently, Shelter Cove Fire warned that, “concussing effect of the larger explosives used in the coming holiday, as well as the vehicles using the beach, and the attending activities therein, may well destabilize further the current, precarious situation.”

Today, Shelter Cove Fire is further advising people coming for the traditional Fourth of July festivities “not to park up close to the bluffs.” Cheryl Antony, their spokesperson warns that if the bluffs calve again, vehicles and people could be buried. The department asks people coming to enjoy the holiday to “keep eyes and ears open…Or watch the fireworks from the Lighthouse. ”

Antony said that Shelter Cove Fire will have backup in case of problems. “We have been told that we will have Sheriffs Office units out here and Cal Fire,” she explained. ” And of course our firefighters are all on duty. Our goal is to keep everyone safe. And we want them all to have fun and be respectful of others.”

Shelter Cove beach sign