Vegetation Fire at the Reggae on the River Site

A large fire crew, dozer and aircraft response was sent towards the Reggae on the River site in Cooks Valley just north of the Mendocino County line about 7:30 p.m. after a vegetation fire was reported in the area.

Residents in Southern Humboldt probably noted the aircraft headed towards the area.

About 7:50 p.m., however, the fire was reported to be under control.



  • Reggae on the filth river don’t be pumping water out of the eel river to fight the fire right now you might suck up some turds

    • They actually have a water containment unit now. But with your blind hate you’d never know or care about anything but being angry.

      • They still pump that water is to replace what they use .That water containment is not for concert use .I hear a good part of it has already evaporated . It is already an environmental problem with frogs breeding in the pond .

    • Get a clue, Sherlock!

      Reggae hasn’t even happened yet, genius, but thanks for playing.

  • Only if they are left over from last year.

  • There is a 750,000 gallon rain catchment pond now and like 50,000 in plastic tanks.. They are totally water neutral… I’m sure of it

    • They are still an environmental disaster to the river and outlying area .The river would be way healthier with out it .

  • Reading the tides

    Reggae is pretty lame these days. There is one good act for every 30 acts, they never have local bands, there are a buncha local volunteers who get on crazy power trips, and then a bunch white people singing about jah and getting drunk and stones. There is not one irie vibe there. And so sick of power tripping locals. Last year we watched some middle aged volunteer woman freak out of some kid running to his friends. He had his wristband and nothing wrong but this woman felt like she had to be his mom. Fuck off!!

  • Driftwood sculpter

    Bad YUPPIE Music. Not Old school. Big strain on the river. New crop of beggars come to town. “Please sir. My puppy wants more!” Excuse for middle aged men to give X to young girls in order to get X. Hmmm, maybe I should go this year.

  • I thought this article was about a vegetation fire…

  • The typical negator comments, lol. I love it at ROR. There is indeed lots of irieness there. But not if you blind yourself. How you feel is up to you. Some regular commenters spew negativity in many of the articles, just seems to be in their makeup, I suppose.

    (…I never wear makeup…)

  • I hope everyone has prepared for fire season,we just cut all the dry grass,tall safe all.fireworks oh watering my roof,waiting for the morters,and wayward missiles yay

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