EPD IDs Yesterday’s Homicide Victim

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

EPD Eureka Police DepartmentFollowing the notification of the next of kin, the victim of the June 30, 2016 homicide has been identified as Rhianna McKenzie, 19 of Eureka.

Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact Detective John Gordon at (707) 441-4300.

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  • It breaks my heart that some one so young had to die in such a tragic way, she had her whole life ahead of her, but chose the wrong path. Maybe it was her upbringing that caused her to do the things she did, or maybe she had no choice and was just trying to survive on the streets. I am so glad my girls are in their 30’s and have lives of their own here in Humboldt. living here on Allard use to be a Ok area when they were growing up, but not any more. Sending prayers to Rhianna McKensie’s family for their tragic loss

    • Congratulations?

      I’ve heard of blaming the victim before, however your comment, and the fact that you post it at this time, I think takes it to a whole new low.

    • You should be able to make bad choices without being killed over them. You know, “live and learn”

  • So if you happen to live at the mccullens you automatically are a drug addict .people in humbolt Co. Are such peaces of shot.all people do in this Co .is try to down and make judgment on other peoples lives in many cases attacking peoples livelihoods because they dint like there friends or the way they look or because they stay up late at note even tho there not doing anything wrong or have caused no problems to anybody else .a 20 year old scum bag is in jail and a 19 year old innocent girl is dead ..that’s 2 families and 2 young lives tragically gone .if anybody want raised right it was the shooter way an asshole .you should have read the comments and speculations about way happened in yesterdays comments and after a short investigation of my own found out nobody had a clue as to way they were talking about .that’s what is making this town such a shifty place to live .your all bigger scum then the girl who got shot thank you for ruining this town .spend more time mindibmng your own business and managing your own lives and kids and maybe we can stop things like thus from happening .good job people of humbolt this is everybody fault

  • Jeff dude you need to learn how to spell I mean seriously …..

    • Krispy Kritter

      Maybe Jeff seriously needs to consider attending a remedial English class at C/R in the fall.

  • DETAILS ABOUT THE NIGHTMARE MAN RESPONSIBLE: The man responsible for taking a 19 year old girls life is Maxx Robison of Eureka. His mother has been in and out of prison and spends her time doing hard drugs and begging for money at the local casinos. He learned a lot from her. “His girl left him” – allegedly due to him cheating on her from what I’ve been told. He is a horrific example of a human being – dedicated to ruing the lives of others… He sells hard drugs, advocates and commits violent acts, is well known by local police, has ruined the lives of many other young people who would have otherwise had a good opportunity in life without his evil manipulative influence. He is a poison to the beautiful community of Humboldt and needs to stay behind bars for the rest of his miserable life. He shot a beautiful 19 year old girl – just starting off her life – in the chest with a rifle. He is trying to pull the old “I was drinking and taking pills and my girl left me (probably due to cheating on her in the first place)” and will probably try to get a lesser sentence with this bullshit sad story. He is smart enough to have premeditated something like this – even the “poor me” posts on Facebook to try and lesson the blow of if he got caught IMO. I knew him personally and this “poor me” BS is FAR from the truth of the “baller G wannabe rapper lifestyle” he was HAPPILY living. It’s an excuse. He is a looser, druggy, wannabe rapper whose lyrics speak volumes to his sick psychotic personality. If I drink and get depressed, I don’t grab a gun and kill a nice girl at only 19. PLEASE as a community – help support getting this piece of s*** locked up forever.

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