CHP Releases Some Details on Yesterday’s Fatal Alderpoint Road Crash


All photos provided by a reader

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol:

CHP California Highway Patrol BlurOn June 29, 2016, at approximately 3:15 PM, a 2016 Yamaha motorcycle driven by a 21 year old Eureka resident, was traveling westbound on Alderpoint Road, just west of milepost marker 16.00.  For reasons still under investigation, the driver of the Yamaha lost control of his motorcycle while negotiating a right hand curve.  The motorcycle overturned onto its side and slid into the eastbound lane, directly into the path of an eastbound 1994 Jeep Wrangler, driven by 46 year old Garberville resident Lynn Sedano-Polries.  The driver of the motorcycle sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene of the collision.  The identity of the motorcyclist is currently being withheld pending notification of next of kin.


This collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.

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  • Very sad.prayers to the family.and to the driver of the truck,so sorry this happened to you.

  • Prayers to Lynn the family of the young man!!

  • It would be nice to know the following details, which are all legally required when operating a motorcycle on a roadway:
    1) Was the motorcyclist wearing a helmet?
    2) Did the motorcyclist have a valid driver’s license AND a motorcycle endorsement?
    3) Was the motorcycle street legal and have current registration?

    One of the reasons for wanting this information is that whenever a bicyclist or pedestrian is injured or killed, the CHP (and other law enforcement) press releases almost always state whether the bicyclist was wearing a helmet, or not. Helmet use by adult bicyclists is not required by law. Or if a pedestrian is killed at night, whether he/she was wear dark clothing. Again, not against the law. This has the unintended affect of blaming the victim. Thanks!

  • Condolences to the young man’s family. And praying for the Jeep driver, this wasn’t her fault and I hope she fully recovers mentally from this tragedy and doesn’t blame herself!

    His family has been informed plz help us get austin home and his funeral arrangements

  • He was seen traveling at a high rate of speed in the wrong lane just before the accident.When folks drive recklessly they endanger use all .Alderpoint road is not a race track for time trials.

  • Um 25,000 goal for a go fund me ya right our family just gave our mom a wonderful funeral for less then 7000 and it was nice and sorry for being aponionanted on the price but for that kid to be riding like he was in a race and not relize what he just put the other family through, the money should go to the other family to go help them through this tragic time and need!!! Perfect example our roads arn’t a race track please slow down!!!

    • The 25000 is a goal, he most likely has a lot of friends and family that are willing to give in this time of need, so that’s not a crazy amount. And including the helicopter or ambulance that may have been dispatched, then with funeral costs adding those factors can get very expensive. Also he could have been driving a little fast but, it being a brand new bike with all the tuning and computer chips for the electric fuel injection and what not, it could have been the cause. I know of some brand new yamaha recalls that can cause the bike to “seize” out of nowhere if the engine isn’t properly broken in. And it’s easy to just hop on your bike and start riding and not do the proper engine break in technique.
      But who do you think you are? You have no say in how much money they have as a goal. This is a tragic event, and you think about the fact they’re gonna spend more money on a funeral than you did.


  • This is.a tragedy of the worst kind a very young man has lost his life and I pray that our lord shines his light on this family thru these dark times. Lynn my love I pray that he gives you the strength to guide you thru the mental anquish and not blame yourself for an accident that you had no control of.

  • Malfuntion my ???

    There’s no excuse for his erratic driving and sure there was malfunctions ya right my *** seen those bike’s hauling *** and came really close to me and my two kids and I thought um wow hope they don’t hurt somebody else besides themselves and now look that women has to live with the thought of this matter cuz they wanted to race through a country they didn’t even know , so all more a can say is sorry and to the lady it’s not ur fault.

    • This was my family member. How dare you judge. His remains were brought back to his home state & travel costs & arrangements & medical bills, etc. The pain can never be replaced by any amount & yes he came from the most loving & kind family & he was a beautiful & giving soul & would have given you the shirt off his back. God bless the woman who ran over my family. I pray she does not torment herself.

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