[Update: 12:02 p.m.] Fire in Garberville Area

8f602767-899d-4e7a-834f-9507e58db20aA reader is alerting us to a fire in the Garberville area. At this point, we don’t know the exact location, but we believe it’s in the area of Bear Canyon Road and Tooby Ranch Road. A reader sent us this photo from Kimtu Road looking back toward Garberville.

UPDATE 12:02 p.m.: From the Southern Humboldt Fire Chiefs Association:



  • We had what we thought was a spotter plane go over 4 Corners/ Fruitland about 15 minutes ago, and then heard a copter heading east and south a couple minutes later. Brisbin Ranch? Connick Creek? There’s a lot of land between Tooby Ranch Rd & Bear Canyon Road.

  • Whaz up with pge & arcing power lines? A trailer in Santa Rosa area burned to ground and killed one person due to arcing power lines across the car in the driveway. Is the pge infrastructure falling apart or are they hiring low quality workers to trim trees lije the company that started the butte fire last year that killed a few folks?

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