EPD Draws Guns at Winco

At about 1:15 p.m., a Eureka Police Department unit was following a car on Harris & Central in Eureka. According to the scanner, it may have been a stolen vehicle.

The EPD unit stopped the vehicle in the east parking lot of WinCo. At that point, the officer stated “Two at gunpoint.” Backup units then started rolling to the scene.

Two people were detained, and the vehicle was reported to be a stolen Subaru Legacy. The owner has been contacted and is heading to scene to recover their vehicle.



  • Wow parking lot at winco looked like a war broke out about 8 cop cars 2 people at gun point.nice shopping day I picked.lol

  • Two more scum bags behind bars for a hr you know eureka cops do alot more busting crime .way to go so far chief Mills .I’m sure you will be racking up arrest s wish ept Downey would do something other than pot .,meth heroin thats what he should be after because pot is a loosing battle they’d have to arrest the whole damn county WTF

  • At that very same exact time I was headed to the grocery store.

    At the last minute I decided to go to Safeway instead of Winco where I usually go.

  • One lady asked me “are we being attacked wholly shit really!wow,made me think twice.and that’s not like me.But it could happen anywhere,any time.Sad

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