[UPDATE Monday] The Blimp’s Coming!

Keep an eye on the sky. The Goodyear Blimp should be in Arcata June 27th through the 28th. According to the Goodyear Blimp Facebook page, the blimp which is on a 25-day West Coast tour is in Sonoma County today but will be headed to Canada. The blimp will make several stops along the way including Arcata. Let us know when and where you see it passing overhead!

UPDATE Monday: According to a spokesperson, “The blimp is currently delayed due to low cloud cover in Arcata but we plan on lifting off from Livermore tomorrow.”

Hat tip to Fly Humboldt for the headsup.



  • I remember seeing it fly over the airport the flat when I was a kid I hope I see it again

  • Way smaller than the old four engine blimps you would some times see flying to Seattle for football games you would hear the drone of the engines a long time before you saw the blimp?

  • There are different dates for Arcata on the Find the Blimp page…7/15-7/16


  • Back in the early 90’s I was coming over Fickle Hill from Maple Creek and almost literally ran into a film crew shooting a tire commercial up there with the blimp. Later I was on 101 and saw the blimp trying to land at the airport and pulled off to watch. SUPER heavy onshore afternoon winds that day, they had guys in pickups chasing the ropes all over ACV trying to catch it. I gave up watching before they ever got it.

  • People, open your eyes: it’s an obvious ploy to surveil my massive grow.

    • Oh that crowd will be commenting, especially after the ACLU monitoring project sends out the word.

  • The government is usurping command of the blimp from Goodyear while it’s over Humboldt County since it can fly so low and slow and hit specific “targets” and do severe localized weather modification. NOAA has been ordered to block any reports and radar/satellite images about same.

    Oh, wait, this is the wrong forum. You didn’t read it here.

  • Mary Lou Lorensen

    I’ve had a ride in the Blimp! The passengers do not all get off at once..one gets off, a new passenger gets on. It makes it easier for those holding the ropes.

  • assemble the “Drone Army” to document this passing !

  • If anyone spots the Goodyear blimp could you please post it here. We missed it last time it came through, and I really want my daughters to see it. Thank you in advance ……

  • Last year they said the blimp trips had come to an end. What made them change their minds?

  • Are there any chem trails associated with the Goodyear blimp or does it just burn rubber on the clouds?

    There used to be four Goodyear blimps not too long ago. Now it’s just one. There was a Fuji blimp also that used to make the coastal or Eel River run. Back in the ’80s I watched one of the Goodyear blimps making a turn following the river near Confusion Hill. There was some serious headwind blowing and the pilot had one hell of a time trying to keep the nose of the blimp level. It took quite awhile to negotiate that one turn and several times it looked like it wasn’t going to make it. Not a job or ride for the timid.

  • Tap, tap, tap……still waiting

  • It’s over Garberville now.

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