One Person Injured During Rollover Accident Near Benbow

Joe Rial: Benbow wreck

Emergency personnel divert traffic near the Benbow Inn because of a solo vehicle accident. [Photos by Joe Rial]

An SUV rolled over south of Benbow about 1:45 p.m. Friday. Lanes were blocked and while fire personnel were directing traffic onto Benbow Drive, a Cal Fire engine was struck by a vehicle pulling a travel trailer. The vehicle hit the front bumper doing only a small amount of damage.

According to a Cal Fire spokesperson, the ambulance crew treated and transported one patient to the hospital.

The road was clear before 3 p.m.

Joe Rial: Benbow wreck2

UPDATE Saturday:
A reader posted a photo of the accident in the comment section below.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • There have been many more accidents – including fatal ones – on and near that Benbow grade, with 5 lanes, than through Richardson Grove, in the last 30 + years. Fact. Try to look that one up, however, and CHP/ Cal Trans doesn’t appear to keep statistical bupkis on it, or, at least, statistics visible to the common driver/citizen.

    And yet…. whenever a tree branch falls down, or, somebody falls asleep at the wheel, or, recklessly speeds through the Grove – the latter was the cause of the three fatalities that I personally know of since late 1980’s – it’s “we must widen RG, that will solve the problem”. Nope. Afraid not. Widening RG will only result in more speeding – the illusion of a safer road – and more(fatal) accidents. The widening effort by Cal Trans is only to accommodate bigger rigs, which in itself, will be the cause of bigger accidents with bigger trucks which will take longer to clear, fatal or not. Truckers, and others, will still fall asleep at the wheel especially since regulations that govern trucker driving time have consistently been watered down by congress because of, you know, that most important factor of all, profit!

    Cal Trans has put up the rudiments of a safety barrier between the North and South bound lanes on the Benbow grade. Only standing reflectors for now. Could that be the precursor of a heavier safety wall? We’ll see.

    Whatever. Let’s continue to bitch about Richardson Grove though. It’s the IN thing.

  • That part of the road slants really have to pay attention if your hauling anything.we noticed it when hauling the bobcat.that whole area needs pretty thru all that area thou.

  • veterans friend

    Hella scary on a motorcycle

  • Just south of Twin Trees bridge Fri. 1:50pm.

  • They just need to put up a sign that says that area is a crash free zone, with stiff penalties if you do crash. It works so well with free speech zones and no gun zones…

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