Never Enough Thanks: When a Man Is Hurt, Local Folks Roll Up Their Sleeves to Help

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Something that doesn’t get done enough is a HUGE thank you to our local community. If any of you doubt the love, connection and support in our area, let me tell you a little story.

Saturday, June 18th at a 4:11pm, I received an urgent phone call from my husband, Logan Orsini. He had been in a motorcycle accident right next door to where he works at and was hurt. His exact words were that his “ankle is floppy.” He told me the ambulance had been called but he needed help. Of course I panicked.motorcycle from Letter to the Editor

Small backstory, Logan is a motorcycle mechanic at North Coast Cycle, which happens to be owned by my dad, Mark Topping. He had been troubleshooting a flat track motorcycle for repair to get it prepped and ready for the flat track races we were putting on this weekend. Logan was test riding this bike across the street from the shop when the throttle stuck and a pin came out of the brake assembly in the mean-time, causing him to shoot across the street, go directly into the Carriage Car Wash parking lot, and break his fall with their dumpster located on the east side of the car wash.

I arrived as fast as I could speed across town and I parked my car and jumped out and saw at least a dozen people all around. They all pointed and led me to exactly where Logan was. I sprinted over and saw 2 EMT’s doing their routine checking, splinting, questioning of Logan. They were super friendly and careful with Logan. His “floppy” ankle was due to the crushing of his tibia, which we later found out he has also snapped his fibula. So my first shout out is to those awesome EMT’s, doing their jobs beautifully and taking care of my husband. But back to my thanking.

The first person I saw when I pulled up was Kyle Ferreira from Eureka Car Stereo, standing guard over the shop while everyone was tending to Logan. I later found out that Kyle had tracked down my dad’s phone number and contacted him as soon as it happened to make him aware. My dad was out of town but contacted the owner of Interstate Batteries, Dan Mesloh, who arrived shortly after for more support.

The next people I saw, after I ran down to Logan’s aid, were the guys working at Carriage Car Wash. One of the employees knows my sister and called her right away to let her know Logan had been hurt and my dad wasn’t available. Next came the guys from Eureka Motorsports, across the street. They had just seen what happened and also made sure my dad was aware of the situation, since they knew he was out of town.

The EMT’s got Logan all splinted and dosed up with pain meds for his ride to St. Joseph Hospital in the ambulance. Of course my heart is racing a million miles an hour and my mind reeling of what to do next.

So now Logan is headed to the ER, my dad is in Scotts Valley and I am standing in the middle of a circle of sympathetic, caring guys and they all look at me and ask, “what can we do?” I took a deep breath and if any of you have been to North Coast Cycle, you know all those bikes get rolled out every morning and rolled in every night. So I asked them to get the bikes rolled in and get the race trailers loaded up for the morning. There was zero hesitation to fulfill my request and bikes were rolling back into the building.

After the shop was closed up, Dan from Interstate Batteries, offered to drive Logan’s truck to our house so I could get to the hospital to see him and not have to worry about the truck.

I cannot tell you the gratitude I owe all of these gentlemen. Kyle Ferreira, from Eureka Car Stereo. The guys from Carriage Car Wash. The EMT’s (Brandon and Austin). Dick Dryden from Snap-On who just happened to be riding by but ended up helping. Mike, Kurt and Jack from Eureka Motorsports. Dan from Interstate Batteries. Mr. Sylvester who stopped by for some chain lube but ended up helping with the bikes. And if I forgot to throw anyone in here, I apologize, I appreciate you too. That afternoon was such a blur, but I just remember my eyes welling up with tears, just feeling so loved and supported after something so terrible had just happened to my husband and all of these selfless guys dropped what they were doing, and helped me.

I have lived here for the majority of my life and I have never, EVER felt as much love and support as I’ve felt in the last 36 hours. From members of the community, to our flesh and blood family, to our local friends and extending to our long distance friends who traveled up Sunday for our race in Fortuna. All offering any form of help, any form of support.

Logan may not remember much since the accident, but I will never forget that feeling of the local community love and support. <3 Hope Orsini



  • Heartwarming.

  • It’s heartwarming to see that there are still good people taking care of each other here.

  • Hope your husband is doing and feeling better soon.ANd Humboldt people RULE.

  • Flight Risk 172

    Had my Road King worked on there yesterday. Great people. Hope he recovers soon.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Thank you for sharing the love and the care given to your family. All too often folks just do what needs to be done and know in their heart they did right. Not expecting acknowledgement or kudos. They just “get er done”. These fellas all are heroes for stepping into the gap and assisting your family. May they all be blessed and know that they are valued members of our community. Such a positive and encouraging story to read. May your beloved husband heal easily and well and be encouraged to know that the fellas had his back.

  • Logan is a Flat track warrior who has one of the best- I can handle whatever Life challenges Me attitude- that I know.- I’m thankful he has Hope, Mark, Endless friends, and that he wasn’t test riding a pink bike.
    I look forward to seeing you soon, Logan.
    Your friend John.

    just made my week, and that folks is the “biker community”!! doesnt matter what you ride.

  • Thank you for the inspiring post. I am sorry to hear about Logan’s “get off.”
    Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  • Great story. Good to see humboldt is also made up of skilled hard working honest folks and not just dope growers.

  • V Renwick-Lourenzo

    I love that everyone came together to help! Thank you for sharing your story! I have seen so many random acts of kindness and caring for each other in these last few months. It warms my heart! I Love it! I wish a Speedy recovery to your husband!

  • Resourceful, good neighbors, self-reliant, beautiful surroundings. Humboldt lives!

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