Palm Tree on Fire in Arcata

“We’ve got heavy fire in a large palm tree,” reports a firefighter on the scene of a blaze on the corner of H Street and 16th Street in Arcata.

Other crews are responding to the area.



  • You know there’s a conspiracy that trees burn up so quickly because of the barium and other metals they spray in the air collecting on foliage in turn making it very flammable. Multiple veteran Fire Fighters say trees have never gone up in flames as quick as they are now, in the entire history of fire fighting.

  • Conspiracy is, I think, a term used to discredit the folks who have called out the USAF for bombing us with whatever-it-is. This is no “conspiracy.” It’s very real. af

  • I heard TREES are flying planes and dropping shit on birds. Ta Git Even!…… Haaa! It’s real and I BELIEVE IT! TREES WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

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