[UPDATE: Located!] MISSING PERSON – Have you seen Robert Hayden?

Robert HaydenBelow is a Facebook post from Mendocino County Sheriff. They are asking people to share the following:

Have you seen Robert Hayden?


He was last seen in the area west of mile marker 80.33 North Highway 101 – Laytonville which is his residence. Robert is 82 years old, 5’9″ , 165 lbs., thin build, white hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a brown coat, blue stocking cap, dark blue pants and green rubber boots.

He hasn’t been seen since 6:30 pm last night at his residence in Laytonville. Robert suffers from dementia and he often walks his property, but has never been gone this long.

If you have any information on where he might be, please contact our dispatch center immediately at (707) 463-4086.

UPDATE Thursday:
Located. See here for more info.



  • Oh Robert, come home safe and unhurt.

  • Hope he returns they find him soon.

  • I’m just curious doesn’t it take 3 days for a person to be gone before someone can report them as being missing unless they are a juvenile? and secondly why is the reported ‘search party’ by bellsprings road if his residence is in laytonville? Not exactly sure what the exact jurisdiction of laytonville is but bellsprings road doesn’t seem like it would be classified as laytonville in my opinion. Kym?

  • Saucy… Nobody should wait 24 hrs or 3 days to report someone missing. Look it up, that a complete Myth. If there is suspicious circumstances, or Medical issues you should report ASAP and police will start taking action. It’s usually in cases of runaways or when it sounds like it’s a case of the so called person not wanting to be found that it’s takes longer for police to act.
    As for the gathering at Bell springs, maybe it’s just a rendezvou point, because that is about 15 min from Laytonville.

    • I agree that nobody should wait that long to report someone as missing I just always thought that there was a 3 day period before you could do so. If you think about it, if every time a person called the police and said ‘someone hasn’t been seen for 24 hours’ and police actually responded seems like there would be a lot of times when the police would show up and then someone would be like ‘oh nvm person has been found’ like I said though, a juvenile or an elderly person with dementia like in this case sure i can see 24 hours being long enough. Otherwise seems like 9 times out of 10 it would be a waste of resources to act on every ‘this person hasn’t been seen for 24 hours’ — this is just my opinion though.

  • Saucy.. I agree, I just was curious and did some research and it turns out there’s no law that you have to wait 24 hrs like you hear about. I assume once you report that the LEO takes action based on circumstances. But people should know that they can report as soon as they feel worries for someone’s safety.

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