Injury Accident Slowing Traffic on Hwy 36

A Dodge pickup and a SUV collided on Hwy 36 just before 8 a.m. today. The road was temporarily blocked but now now Caltrans has established one-way controlled traffic. Caltrans says the accident occurred ” near Maple Grove (approximately 2 miles west of Bridgeville.)”

Only minor injuries have been reported.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Another wreck already??!!! It’s not even officially Summer yet & already the idiots are trying to take each other out!!! :-<

  • Highway 36 will kill you, if your don’t respeCT, it its that simple .period

    • Exactly right!!! It IS dangerous to drive this road especially at high rates of speed and or distracted and or impaired!!!

  • Wow that’s the third wreck on that mile stretch in the past month. I hope the county does something about the safety issue on our roads

    • How about CHP doing their job? That road is the wild wild west. I was following the STAR ambulance out in the dark last week transporting an emergency patient and twice growdozers passed us both on blind corners. One bounced off the side curb and almost took out the ambulance.

    • Actually that’s the 4th wreck in that area. Basic safety training, inanimate objects are not dangerous untill interacted with inappropriately by human’s. The road is fine, people need to damn slow down!

    • Sorry to tell you but the county has nothing to do with it!!! It’s a State highway, thus the addresses are, State Highway 36…!!!

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