Injury Accident in Fortuna

Two vehicles collided about 2:10 p.m. at the intersection of School Street and Thelma Street in Fortuna. One individual was injured.

“School Street is open. We just need traffic control for Thelma,” according to emergency personnel reporting about the scene to Dispatch.



  • Accident on Benbow Hill, any info?

    • The information is contradictory on that. I can’t tell if it is one or two vehicles. An ambulance headed out but I don’t know whether anyone was injured. I don’t think the road is blocked but I’m not sure…I had so little that I opted not to post it.

    • CHP just reported this has minor injuries

  • Sometimes I hate how vague these are…no color or discretion of the vehicles involved?
    Is this because you are not aloud to the?
    I guess I’d have to be OK with it then…:p

    • It’s because I am getting the information from various sources and I have to take what is available. So in this case, I only had scanner reports. We only get what we hear on the scanner which is limited but I figure you’d rather get an incomplete report than nothing at all.

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