Pedestrian in Hospital With Severe Injuries After Being Struck by Hit and Run Driver

chpstarA Eureka man in Mad River Community Hospital with major injuries today after being struck by a hit and run vehicle about 9:53 p.m. last night, according to California Highway Patrol spokesperson Sgt. Martin Oliveros. The incident occurred on North northern Central just north of Sutter in McKinleyville. “The vehicle involved did not stop,” Said Oliveros. “At this time we have no description of the suspect vehicle…. “The victim’s name is Matthew Everett Page, age 43 from Eureka…He was a pedestrian. He received severe injuries and was transported to Mad River Hospital.”

“The pedestrian was discovered by a witness to the collision from a distance,” Oliveros explained.

The CHP hopes that someone will come forward with information, “We are asking anyone who might have witnessed the collision to call the Humboldt County area CHP office,” said Oliveros. The number is (707) 822-5981.




  • Hrm. To my knowledge, there is no road in McKinleyville named North Central. It’s maybe an editing error… on Central Avenue, just north of Sutter Road.

    Plaudits for getting the hospital’s full name correct. Most people drop the word ‘community’ as the officer did in the quote.

    • North central Ave is central ave. If you get off the highway at clam beach the sign says north central ave

      • OK, I stand partially corrected. One Caltrans highway sign marks the north cap of Central Avenue as N. Central. I suspect the Caltrans sign isn’t denoting an official name for the road. The N is just noting the last, most northerly exit for the road.

        There is no street sign in McKinleyville marking a N. Central Avenue. The first street sign you see after taking the offramp is labeled Central.

        The US Postal Service zip code finder (which also reports the full legal street name for every street address in the United States) does not recognize a North Central as existing in McKinleyville. Just plug in “N CENTRAL” or “NORTH CENTRAL” at the street name, without a street number, and you’ll get every address in town, corrected as Central Avenue.!input.action

    • Omfg seriously????

  • The driver could have been someone who had something to hide from the police in their car which is why they did not stop. Dope for sale maybe and figured a life was worth taking to keep out of jail? Ever since the marijuana trade exploded up here so did crime.

  • Another hit and run… And why not? We already know that this cowardly and cavalier attitude will be excused by the Court with a 6 month “sentence” even if it results in death. Small wonder some people (and I use that term VERY broadly) have no respect for life, and fear no real or certain consequences for their acts.
    I hold high hopes for the recovery of this victim, and deep sadness for all children raised with no sense of personal responsibility.
    Consequently, our own kids may be looking at a future where the penalty for Murder 1 is also six months in jail.
    Failure to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and failure to teach our children the value of honor are sign-posts on the path to a form of Anarchy I doubt any thinking person would wish for.
    Looks to me like that’s where we’re headed. af

    • Differences.................

      And unlike a sex crime the murder perpetrator NEVER has to register as a murderer. Murder criminals can be released as little as seven to eight years for good behavior. And the Stanford student is in a less than 1% given short prison sentences for rape. But the huge difference is the victim is still alive. Less than 0.02 % commit suicide after being victimized. With murder victims they NEVER wake up the next day. Loved ones, like my sister after she was brutally and senselessly murdered, and in my sister’s case her two children, have to deal with the aftermath. Ten years after her murder her murderer was released and lives about a mile from me. I see him sometimes two to three times a month. And I want to kill him when he looks at me and smiles. One time I was with my niece(17) and nephew(15) when we saw him. I wanted to point at him and say, “that’s the man who killed your mother”. But I didn’t. My niece’s birthday is one day before her mother’s. When we celebrate my niece’s B-day we say Happy Birthday to her mother/my sister. Sex criminals are sentenced to prison terms without early releases. Why should it be different for murderers? Victims of sex crimes hopefully move forward with their lives. My sister is dead and will always be………..FOREVER. And both of her children and myself and my mother live with that everyday.

      • I feel your pain. You have to let it go. It is what your sister would want. And preach that life is fleeting and vulnerable so it needs to be valued and respected. Hug your niece and nephew every time you see them and tell them you love them. Don’t let your sister’s death define your life.

    • Well, I know somebody who was buzzed (0.08), lost control in the rain on a curve, hit a motorcyclist and killed them. He stopped and administered aid until others got there and he waited for authorities. Got 10 years. I’ve heard of people doing hit and runs, turning themselves in later (after sobering up?) and getting less than a year. So…personal morals aside- what kind of a situation is being set up by these courts? I have an opinion of how people should act but if they are rewarded for acting terrible then I believe we need to adjust the punishment, fire some judges or something on that end! It is well-known by partiers that if you wreck a car while DUI the best move you can make is to abandon, flee and get sober before showing up…

  • Do the right thing, turn yourself in “hit & run driver.”

  • Why not hit someone and just keep going??? I mean they may have been in a hurry for something right……Look at the sentence last week for this very same thing, the victim died and the hit -n- run driver gets 6 months!!!! What the hell kind of message did that send out????? Apparently now people thinks it just Okay to hit a human being and just keep on going because “if” you get caught or even feel bad about it the next day and turn yourself in you will still only get 6 months. THIS IS GROSS!!

  • Hi. I’m the guy that was hit and left for dead. Lucky to be alive, I’m writing this from a local residential rehab facility where I will spend the next few months learning to walk again. I spent a month in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries to fix my badly broken body and I suffer severe pain every day since a person decided for themselves that my life isn’t worth anything. The mental trauma and nightmares only add to an already terrible state I was thrown into. If you’re reading this and happen to be the one that changed my life that day, please do the right thing and accept responsibility for your actions. Thank you to all that are aware of this incident for keeping me in your prayers…

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