Paving Starts Tomorrow on Thomas Road

county roadsPaving will start on Thomas Road at approximately 9 a.m. tomorrow. “We have twenty loads to put on,” explained Denton Carrick. “We’re going to start at the Bulletin Board.” Then, he said that, after the first of the July, he should get more money to work further on Salmon Creek and on Thomas Road.

Please avoid going up and down the road between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. As sections of the road cool, traffic will be let through but the less they have to let folks through the more they can get done.



  • Kathy Lindstrom

    Do the workers expect to finish tomorrow or continue working through the rest of the week?

    • Through Thursday is the current estimate.

      • I’m so frickin’ jealous. It’s been since the 1980’s since Garberville Redwood Drive has had pavement. Harry Pitchard was our Supervisor. Anybody remember him? The whole Soroptimist Club surrounded him like wet hens demanding that he support their Garberville Beautification Project. If you want to get something done put a mad woman on the project. They are the fifth force of nature. They also planted the trees a few years after the town was paved. That will give you some idea how long it has been since our town was cleaned up.

        Other than that… congratulations or your new road.

  • Luck to the G-ville road crew. RED MEANS STOP!

  • whenever I leave humboldt, I always notice how much better the roads everywhere else are. I mean seriously why are ALL the roads here besides the 101 in horrible shape, when in trinity county and mendo the for the most part seem like it hasn’t been 30 years since road crews came thru and at least filled some potholes.

  • Rumor has it that ‘all of Thomas Road will be repaved’. Do you know the current plan Kym?

  • While 20 loads is better than nothing, this is just a band-aid and a very small one at that.
    200 loads would not do the job.
    Salmon Creek/Thomas Road has deteriorated to the point where patching the road is penny wise and pound foolish.
    The entire road needs all the pavement ripped up and then start from scratch.
    The shoulders are all gone and patching won’t last long,especially with the thin coat of pavement they are putting on.

  • Congrats! That road need it badly!

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