Escapee Alert!

Press release from the California Correctional Center:

Escaped Inmate E. YoungA minimum-security inmate from the California Correctional Center walked away from High Rock Conservation Camp (CC #32) on June 12, 2016.

Inmate Erwin Young, 33, is a black male, 5’ 11” tall, 213 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair. He was committed to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) on November 4, 2015, from Contra Costa County for Vehicle Theft. He was scheduled to be released from CDCR custody on February 21, 2017.

Inmate Young was assigned to an inmate firefighting crew at CC #32 in Weott, California. The camp houses approximately 100 minimum-custody inmates.

Inmate Young was last seen at CC #32 by camp staff on June 12, 2016, at 9:20 p.m. outside of his assigned housing unit. When staff approached Young he fled from the scene leaving camp grounds.

CDCR, CAL-FIRE, law enforcement personnel, along with local law enforcement agencies and the California Highway Patrol were notified and are assisting in the search for Young. All responding law enforcement agencies are continuing with the search and apprehension efforts at this time.

Anyone seeing Inmate Young should contact 9-1-1 or law enforcement authorities immediately.

# # #

Anyone having information about or knowledge of the location of Erwin Young should contact the CCC Watch Commander at (530) 257-2181 extension 4173.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • I think I need to know more about this fellow, like what were ALL the charges? If possession of pot was thrown in, as so often is, I’m likely to give him a ride. af

  • Totally Anon, I imagine Harriet Tubman was once on a Most Wanted poster.

    • Yep. And the entire time Nelson Mandela was in prison, he was also on the US Terrorist list…af

      • And Mandela would be an individual that you would have knowledge that had been wrongly accused. Helping a person like that escape makes sense to me. Helping one individual escape whether you know he is guilty or not because there is inequities in the system seems roughly equivalent to black people should never go to jail whether they are guilty or not. I’m having a hard time with that.

  • Harriet Tubman may have been on a Most Wanted Poster but I doubt this guy is carrying slaves to freedom in a vehicle he is convicted of stealing.

    • There’s the convicted charge, and all the others routinely added to influence a jury. Check the statistics on the incarceration of Black Folks. I have no faith in what we’re calling justice, particularly when it is inflicted on people of Color, and most especially with crimes of property. af

      • So, I’m a little confused. Could you clarify? If this had been a white man convicted of car theft you would be okay with turning him in if you saw him but a black man might have been convicted unfairly so you’d rather take your chances and help him get free?

        I guess for me I still believe the system works a bit. I’m willing to believe that if we as a community work together but looking out for people who are stealing and causing problems that the world will get a bit better. It is possible that the man was wrongly convicted but I feel that society is better served by helping justice organizations or changing laws than by letting a man that is most likely guilty of the crime continue walking down the road meanwhile wasting money and resources as law enforcement continues to look for him.

        • Well put kym, I totally agree!

        • I hold that Justice for All is Justice for Each and Every One of us; that our current system of Justice forces some to feed off others…from theft to Medicare fraud; and that until we straighten out our heads and hearts from top to bottom, Justice cannot possibly be served and its pronouncements should ALWAYS be held suspect. af

        • WhoAreThesePeople?

          Kym, I have been in the system. For pot, no less. They made my life hell for the evil, evil crime of growing 17 plants in the Reagan era. While I was locked up, I met a black man who had been in for 2 years already, and had 4 left. His crime? A half ounce of Skunk and a pack of Rizla papers. I went to prison unfairly because a neighbor snitched. He went to prison because he walked down Central Ave while black.
          The difference now? There’s more federal money in recidivism.
          The system is to be trusted on the same level as the corporations. It’s been broken for quite some time. With research, you will find that not all prisons are government run, even if they are government funded.
          And if you really believe the police and prison guards aren’t racist… Have you been paying attention to the news for the past few years?

          • All of those are valid concerns. And, hopefully, you are doing what you can to work on justice and prison reforms. However, if you are comfortable letting a convicted car thief who has escaped from prison get in your car so you can help him get away, I hope you aren’t one of the people on here complaining about things being stolen and the cops not doing anything.

            • Reading the tides

              It’s a bummer system no matter how you look at it. Abused from All sides. Sometimes, black or white, the police will charge you with many crimes because 8 times out of 10 the defendant will plead to one charge to avoid a lenghtthier sentence or no prison time. It is set up to get convictions. There is no help from the system and its too bad it still gets defended. As someone who has also had to spend a decade of my life dealing with the criminal justice system,it makes all government official systems seem broken. Nobody in the system knows what anyone else is doing even if both of those people hold power in making a decision for someone’s life. Convixted of being a car theief may not mean that person is a car thief. Who knows. We can’t trust the system and we can’t trust strangers. Unfortunately you can only trust those you know. The system is like a broken clear-cut forest. There is no communication and no help. We are on our own people. We are peons to the powers that be and have been trained to be on the work force and be minions. Check out Charlotte isterby(sp?) She had been exposing our governments sly ways with the education sustr and mass control new world order since the 80s. Lets keep Humboldt outlaw. Where freedom kind of remains..

        • This is the best & most clear reply from Kym I have ever read, I dont agree with Her politics most of the time, but this post is where the rubber meets the road.

  • I was chasing down a shoplifter once and was somewhat discouraged when I saw someone stop and give him a ride. I mused about what the guy might think if he knew that he had just given a thief a ride.

    Anon Forrest might find himself without a vehicle if the guy decided to steal it. I would imagine that he is pretty desperate if he had just escaped from prison. Other than that Erwin Young looks like a cool dude.

    • …”herself” and not a prison, a free-labor camp of the State. af

      • Thank-you for the correction. Sorry for the brash assumption. I am going to write on my wall that Anon Forrest is a “herself”.

        I admire your thoughts, and you willingness to share them. However, I don’t judge person on their race creed or color, but I do judge a person on whether or not they are a thief. I have been on the supporting end of a lot of thievery, and I can tell you that no matter what brought the thief to do the things that they do, it is not my fault, nor my problem.

        Having said that, I confess that I did let a black kid that I caught shoplifting go with a stern lecture about how he was the reason that so many of his people had to put up with the stigma that his actions caused.

        The reason that I said “prison” is that it is actually “The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Center” It seems like a lot of typing.

        Best wishes, Ernie

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Hang in there, Ernie. Nice guys can win. Well, it could happen, you don’t know. Thieves anger me more and more as I age. Especially now that anything not bolted down or red hot is a target. Any leads on the brazen generator theft?

      • Regardless of his race or crime, he is a prison inmate, a felon, assigned to a fire camp because his point level is low enough that he was allowed to work outside the prison. Picking up an escaped felon is always a bad idea.

      • It’s not a free camp. They are paid for the work they do by the hour. They also get room and board with 3 hot meals daily. In my book, that is not free.

    • Yeah, real smart picking up people escaped from the authorities. No one knows this guy but are willing to help him get away from the “man”. Are you friggin women nuts??? Scratching my head on the reaction to this article.

  • …where inmates learn a skill that will enable them to be hired, often by Cal Fire, to become firefighters. I’ve run into a few over the years who made a life for themselves after serving their time…and they volunteer to be trained, if I’m not mistaken.

    • Eileen McCready

      Back when my husband was a firefighter, he too found that there were prisoners making a positive life change with real skills through the program

  • 70″ and a fuzz..coulda been a contenda..

  • Guilty until proven innocent .what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law .

  • Not your regular Joe

    Before my first rodeo it was obvious the bull had horns. I learned right there I didn’t want to make any stupid mistakes. 1 wrong move could cost me dearly.
    I see this guy for what he is. A big liability.

  • Most of the individual are repeat offender’s, 5 to 6 terms and as great 12-13 terms. This means, they completed the term of their sentence and are right back in the system. I believe only the current term conviction is listed. Who knows what he’s done in the past and what he hasn’t been caught doing. If you want to pick him up, go ahead and be a complete f-ck stick. You may be charged with a crime yourself and should be if you pick up a convicted escapee, black, white, yellow, northern, southern or an other, race doesn’t matter in this situation and shouldn’t in any situation.

  • Since he was minimum security and on a fire crew, with not much longer on his sentence, I’m inclined to think he may possibly have 1) a mental illness triggered by something at the camp, 2) Personal problem at home that triggered the need to leave or, 3) he just did not care that he will probably spend more time in prison for trying to escape.

  • Wife of a fire captain

    What they do in camp training for fire season is hard work. They think it will be better than prison and then can’t handle it and leave. When he is caught he will go to a prison. No 2nd chance.

  • I know this guy and he is dangerous and crazy to boot!

  • Well i useto go out with him n he is wacked dont trust him hes no good

  • It always baffles me when i read an article about someone ‘walking away’ from a con camp. I mean is it really that easy? why is there not big ass electric fences surrounding the con camp?

    • Here’s one writer’s perspective on the camps including this description: “The boundaries were more relaxed — just a split-rail fence and some out-of-bounds markers, no locks on the doors. All they did was do a ‘count’ of everyone every two hours.”

    • witness digital

      its on the honor system..
      and a test to see if said inmate is trustworthy enough to rejoin civilization/outside life
      if they stay? a real chance to turn around their life.

      if they skip?? obviously not ready.. back to remand for the full term.

      btw to the person saying they would voluntarily pick up an escaped felon?

      be prepared to serve some time also..(or possibly be killed by said felon(who is he/she and what were they in prison for?)

      assisting a prisoner to escape is an offense for which you can go to jail yourself…(CPC4534/CPC1170(h))
      and the felon you picked up will be the first to rat you out…

      witness digital
      ps the CDC makes a special effort to find & prosecute those who assist felons in escaping.

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