Child Dies in Traffic Accident Near Frog Woman Rock

Fatal accident at Frog Woman Rock

Helicopter and other emergency vehicles at fatal accident near Frog Woman Rock. [Photo by Desirae Zuniga]

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol: (This incident occurred near Frog Woman Rock formerly known as Squaw Rock.)

On 06/12/2016, at approximately 1333 Hours, CHP Officers were dispatched to a reported traffic collision southbound US-IOI south of Piela Creek (near mpm 5). Upon arrival, CHP Officers located a black colored vehicle that had went off the embankment and came to rest on its wheels, in the Russian River. According to witnesses on scene, the vehicle was traveling southbound on US-IOI when it suddenly lost control and veered off the roadway. After traveling off the roadway, the vehicle went over an embankment and overturned, before coming to rest in the Russian River. Cal Fire personnel and Hopland Fire Department personnel were on scene and initiated life savings procedures for the driver and passenger. A Cal-Star Air Ambulance, based out of Ukiah, also arrived on scene along with the Sonoma County Sheriff s Department Helicopter (Henry-I). Due to the steep terrain the driver and passenger had to [be] lifted by Henry One from the river bottom to the shoulder of US- I O I . The driver [Luz Ramirez-Marquez, age 30 of Stockton] was transported by Cal-Star Air Ambulance to Santa Rosa Memorial for major injuries. The passenger [a 7-year-old girl] was pronounced deceased on scene by Cal Fire Personnel from fatal injuries sustained in the collision. Both occupants were wearing the required safety restraints and intoxication does not appear to be a factor at this time. No further information is available at this time and the collision is still under investigation.



  • How sad, the death of a child is hard to bear for all involved. First responders get hardened to most tragedies, but the death of a child is still the hardest to take. Of course the family will be devastated.

    Kym, thanks for the clarification on the place, that is the rock in the far right.

  • May the young child rest in peace. There is a horrible bump in the road which I would bet is the cause of the accident. If your driving 65 and not prepared you can easily loose control. CalTrans needs to turn it into 2 lane with a much lower speed limit until the slide is controlled.

  • My daughter was the lone driver in a roll over accident there. She was going the speed limit and lost control because the road has weird large humps that bank the road wrong.

    • “the road has weird large humps that bank the road wrong.”

      That’s my experience as well. We went through there last Friday with me driving, and came back northbound at @ 16:00. Saw no signs of the accident tho.

  • Prayers to the famley so sad

  • My deepest condolences to the family! Love and prayers to you all.

  • I’m a little confused is “IOI” 101?

  • That is terrible. I hope the family and friends can find some peace.

  • I am deeply sadden by this tragic news, may this precious child rest in peace and her mother be surrounded by loving friends and family to help ease the terrible pain of the loss of a child.

  • So sorry for this loss- stay strong grandma! We will keep you in our prayers- I have a six year old little girl and I can’t even imagine! That part of the road is awful I have driven it many times. Not that it would help- but the county may hold some liability for the loss- maybe monetary damages somewhere down the road could be sought- the bottom line is the road there is awful and has been for years. So sorry.

    • Suing won’t bring the child back. Will only increase everyone’s insurance, taxes, etc. yes, tragic. Crappy things should be accepted as such. Money isn’t going to resolve the pain and suffering for any incident

  • I understand there loss I lost my 6 month old baby girl to sids .nothing could hurt as bad as this ,but to whom this concerns I feel your pain ,and I’m sorry for your loss enjoy heaven little sweet hart because that is were you are RIP

  • I know that stretch. Very bumpy and banks in odd ways. That entire section needs a safety makeover big time. Until then my suggestion is to lower the speed limit down to 45MPH and perhaps reduce the roadway to one lane in each direction until the road is repaired. A sign that states “BUMP” just doesn’t cut it when you’re flying along at 65.

  • Blessings….

  • Nearly had an accident last month at the very same spot. Called Caltrans and they said that section is due for major work in about 1 1/2 years. And as stated earlier, a sign that says “bump” is not ample warning. I am so very sorry to hear of this tragic death.

  • There is a dip on the other side heading North in about the same area that suddenly makes my car bottom out going sixty five mph. Not only is it very scary but there is no warning the dip is there and it seems like by hitting the base of the small car that hard and fast it could crack the axle or worse. I have also come very close to loosing control of my car at the same spot these two just did. Really sad!

  • This is so heart wrenching. My thoughts & prayers go out to her loved ones.
    Fix the road dammit!

  • Me and Anthony are meeting the mother today I am very nervous I don’t even know what to say to her Anthony did CPR on the little girl for 45 minutes I held the woman’s head above water for 45 minutes we were the first 3 down the mountain Anthony’s wife has raised over 500 bucks in one day for the family if you care to donate go to….. you it’s strange that all the photographers there taking pictures could I could see him didn’t post any pictures of two civilians doing a good deed they just waited till they got the money shot the Press Democrat should be ashamed I’m canceling my subscription

    • poor family

    • rip poor baby we tried…..

    • The bikers wife

      I’m saddened by this…. this poor baby died and my husband and his friend tried everything and u are going to complain and say no one got pictures or u…. this is my husband and his friend trying everything and getting her out of car and cutting moms seat belt to let her get air and the sad thing is ur trying to take credit for something u didn’t do… let this poor baby rest in piece and I’m glad they were able to save mom…. May God have mercy on ur sole

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