‘Strange, Naked Male’ Found Sleeping on Couch, Says Mendocino Sheriff

zylerThis is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 06-06-16, at about 4:00 AM, a member of the family who share use of a residence north of Fort Bragg, left the residence. On 06-06-16, at aboutnoon, another family member arrived at the unoccupied residence and upon entering found it occupied by a strange, naked, male subject asleep on their couch. They retreated from the house and called 911 from a nearby location.

A male subject, later identified as Zyler Ridley, had forced entry into the residence. Ridley turned on the all of the faucets and shower, turned on all of the electric heaters, turned on all of the stove burners, stripped and placed his clothes in the washing machine, then fell asleep on the couch. Ridley was still asleep on the couch when Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived. Deputies awoke Ridley and he was arrested without incident for residential burglary, and he was also found to be wanted for absconding from parole supervision. Zyler Ridley was lodged at the Mendocino County Jail for the listed violations and is being held without bail by state parole.



  • I got no response on this one

  • I served on a jury dealing with an incident like this in a Garberville motel.. Naked guy asleep on bed.. Shower turned on and door barricaded.. room full of steam and a black powder pistol under his pillow.. Only in Garberville..

  • I tried one bed but it was too hard the other one was too soft but the couch fit my lazy ass an I fell a sleep

  • Huh…..yeah, uhm.
    I this might be my favorite crime this season.
    Sort of Goldilocks meets The Hangover.

  • Could be mental illness… they didn’t say if he was drunk.

    • But it was stated he’s on parole. I wonder what for and again thank all of you who overwhelming voted for Prop 47.

  • LOL! Was he arrested with clothes on or not? He probably went to jail in wet clothes from the washing machine! Got a good laugh out of this one.

  • I grew up with Zyler. No excuses, but he has had the roughest childhood of just about anyone I knew. And yet, he was one of THE NICEST, most caring and considerate kids I grew up with. He always had a sweet smile and something kind to say. As an adult, he made poor choices, and the consequences of those choices will stay with him forever. I truly believe that if he had the proper mental and addiction care, we as tax payers would not be spending our money on incarcerating him. In another life, he could have been a well loved teacher, civic leader or something like that. I will always remember Zyler as the bright, wonderful kid he was.

  • Okay, why aren’t mental health agencies involved here?

  • Great question, Eric. I no longer live in Fort Bragg, although I have family there, and I have to say, in my generation there are quite a few troubled men that have been arrested many times, and for some, their underlying issue is mental illness.

    For example, Aaron Bassler, who believed Chinese Aliens were taking over the world. He killed several people including the ex-mayor in Fort Bragg just a couple years ago before being killed himself by law enforcement. It was very sad. His father saw the writing on the wall and begged for mental health intervention.

    Another incredibly sad case is the one of Aaron Vargas, a man who was convicted of shooting and killing his molester. He was not mentally ill, but the system failed him incredibly, and in my opinion, our community failed him as well.

    Truth is stranger than fiction, because the third case I am thinking of is the one of Aaron Channel and his associates. Aaron Channel was convicted of luring and killing a man he met online in the early 2000s.

    These cases are all well documented by the media.

    These three men, and actually several others in particular who still live in the Fort Bragg area, are all in my generation, I went to school and or knew them through the community, and are men that society failed. Zyler was well loved by his foster siblings and school peers throughout his childhood.

    As an interesting side note, there currently is a huge discussion / argument over transients, homeless people and thereby mental illness in general going on in Fort Bragg. The “Concerned Citizens of Fort Bragg” is a group working to block a new homeless center and short term housing for the needy, which is destined to be built in the Old COast Hotel site in downtown Fort Bragg. As I understand it, Fort Bragg citizens just voted yesterday to proceed with said shelter.

    What can we do to help our fellow citizens? What can we do for Zyler? Do we owe it to them to get them help?

    • Yes we owe it to them, and a nice fat check for restitution if they would even accept it after the way humanity has treated them

  • About 2 weeks ago a friend North of Fort Bragg discovered a strange man sitting in her car masturbating around 6:00 AM. A harmless activity although rather rude and inconsiderate. It remains a mystery why he chose her car for his early morning self – gratification.

  • Prayes for Invisible Disabilities

    There are soooo many invisible dis-eases that many are not aware of, that can make ones life completely fall apart and go insane. Lyme disease, Toxic mold disease, Vaccine damage = Aspergers and Autism, GMO’s and Glyphosate in processed foods, 50% mercury poisoning from dental amalgams on and on… Then there are acts of child sex pedophilia especially young boys that are molested and raped, if not in therapy, will act out later in life in violence and or act out and re-abuse another child or adult. These are just few examples, there are hundreds if not thousands of invisible diseases one can have

    There is practically no support for these invisible diseases unless a crisis happens, and then these crisis event usually get interpreted the wrong way, and true help never happens.

    Prayers for all that fall apart, who do not get the true help that they need

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