Alert! Higher Fire Danger Tomorrow

Redway fireTomorrow is predicted to be high fire danger especially in coastal areas, according to Laura Coleman of Cal Fire.  Please be extra careful.

Redway Fire Chief Brian Anderson asks that the community prepare for the coming fire season by mowing and weed whacking to remove “ladder fuels” that help flames creep up into tree canopies. Anderson suggests mowing early in the morning when higher humidity reduces the chance of accidentally starting a fire. He also suggests using weed whackers with nylon strings which further reduce the possibility of a spark starting a blaze.

“Maybe consider having a spotter,” he suggested. Sometimes when mowing a spark can start a fire behind the mower without anyone being aware. A spotter could scan for sparks and quench any spark quickly before a fire has time to grow.

Reducing fuel around your home will help protect it as summer fire season arrives.




  • Ernie Branscomb

    Chief Anderson has been on numerous fires where people were mowing in the afternoon and heat of the day. That’s pretty risky. One fire in Briceland burned up the man’s riding lawn mower. It was sad because he was mowing to reduce the fire danger.
    Follow the Chief’s advise and you should be okay.

    Thank’s Kym. This post is very timely.

  • Don’t do stupid stuff in the woods! If you do, make sure you are smart enough to have a hose handy! Also make sure you have scraped a fire break (DOWN TO THE DIRT) around your BAD IDEA. Remember, the wind starts up about 11 or 12. REPEAT!! “DON”T DO STUPID STUFF IN THE WOODS!” It will bring YOU and your NEIGHBORS nuth’in but TROUBLE! Have a SAFE day.

  • Ya,like the flippin idiot that flicked his lit cigg out the window and smacked my windshield,I actually stopped and poured water on it,it blew in the weeds still lit!!dumbass

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