Fresh Local Produce Coming Your Way!

fruit stand

Produce stand in Pepperwood. [photo by Kym Kemp]

One of the greatest parts of living in the Eel River Valley is our access to fresh, local produce.  Now is the time of year when our fruit and veggie stands come back to life after a winter slumber.  Not sure where to go?  Here’s a list to help you out:

  •  Fortuna Farmers Market – Mid May to October, 10th and Main Streets, Tuesdays 3-6 PM.
  • Shakeforth Community Farm – Located on HWY 36, they participate in local farmer’s markets as well as offer a CSA program.
  • Valley Flower Vegetables – Fernbridge, everyday of the week from 11-6 PM.  They also have other locations around Humboldt (including Humboldt County Fair).
  • The Corn Crib – Avenue of the Giants in Pepperwood, 10-6 PM, Tues-Sun.
  • Highway 101 Fruitstand – Located south of Fortuna near the old Hansen’s Truck Stop, everyday of the week from 11-6 PM.

The stands are slowly coming up and we don’t have exact dates.  This post will be updated once we do.  Please let us know if we missed any!



  • There is also a stand in Hydesville. The homemaid pasteries there wreck my diet every summer.

  • Sandi Petersen

    That’s right! I need to do some research and track down the name. Thank you!

    • It’s called Riverside Produce, (in hydesville) the family who owns and runs it started the stand in Rio Dell on riverside drive. And also the strawberry farm in fortuna.

  • My favorite time of year!!I’m excited thank you Sandi!!!

  • Dont forget my favorite the Kneeland Glen Farmstand on Old Arcata Road. Amazing produce, a wide variety of pick your own veggies, homemade goat milk soap and the owner Kathy Mullen is sweet as pie. Reminds me, they also have pie!! Snuggle the old doggie Tootsie while you’re.
    Also for the budget minded consumer, the Veggie Cart on the Elk RIver Road exit just before Eureka. Great veggies for not alot of dough.

  • Garberville’s Farmers’Market- since 1994. Now every Friday from 11 ’til 3 on the Town Square. Many local farms participating. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, as well as vegetable starts and perennial flowers and fruit trees. Locally produced granola, baked goods, cheese, mushrooms, honey. Local beef, poultry, eggs, lamb and pork. Artisan jewelry, textiles, pottery, herbal body care. Visit with friends and neighbors, listen to some acoustic music and enjoy the beautiful Town Square in the heart of town.

    • First world problems.

      Yea and pay out your ass for organic produce. Farmers market is for the upper echelons of sohum.. $8 for a dozen eggs?? How are local products so expensive? It’s like chataqua capatlizing on hippies that don’t care about money, and charging more for products made in Cali than in Florida. (This is a fact.) Several food items made in California ia were cheaper to buy in florida including cypress Grove and a few other things. Answer for your crimes!? Thats Messed up . come on, not every homesteading hippy is a yuppie rich grower

  • Sounds like it’s going to be a great year!!!summer time fun.yay

  • Sabi sabi egg stand in benbow. They go quick. Four bucks a dozen. Farm fresh,free-range, “organic ” affordable
    . get em while their hot

  • Clendenen’s in Fortuna has a good stand too. Not sure when they open though. I really like our local farmers. High quality fruits and vegies. Especially love all the great varieties of local tomatoes. I need a good BLT!

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