Fortuna City Council Meeting

The next Fortuna City Council Meeting is coming up – Monday, May 2nd, at 6 PM.  A second and first reading of the new panhandling ordinances will be read (including an adoption of one of them), a second reading and ordinance adoption regarding taxi cab service, and a discussion of a Special Council Workshop agenda involving the potential Essential Services Ballot Measure.  Unable to attend but have an opinion?  E-mail the Fortuna City Council or leave them a message at 707-725-1409.



  • It’s about damn time so sick of being bothered by panhandlers

  • The city included we need economic development JOBS not a city begging for more tax dollars from the few taxpayers lift .Just because every other city has none it does not make it right .And we just passed yet another fire tax how much is enough already .

  • First off, the fire tax is totally separate from a proposed City wide sales tax increase. These are two different animals.
    The Fortuna Fire District pushed the triple increase with financial deception and “homeowner blackmail”. The residents feared there would be retaliation by the firemen if the residents didn’t pass the increase. The public caved in without a spine!And the Fire district is a 501 c3 so they’re an entity by themselves without and funding from the City of Fortuna.
    As for the again proposed sales tax increase, its warranted and should be only one purpose-going towards helping to fund the $3.5 million police budget. The State politicians keep stealing our money, and placing the burden on the City to make up for the ever increasing takings. There currently is NOT enough money to balance our City’s budget and this needed tax requiring 2/3rds vote is the only warranted avenue to boost the Police department and protect our community. Want more crime and homeless living here without control and police manpower, then go ahead and ignore this second attempt to raise funding. I’ll be there to say”I told you so when everything goes to -ell.

  • The only warranted solution is economic development .Till the old mill site is developed the city will have problems funding itself ….The police have shown they can do little about the homeless or the drugs we can thank the state for only some of that .However local ordinances such as no camping within the city have been blatantly ignored .

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