Nine New Correctional Deputies and More Sworn in ‘as a Direct Result of Measure Z Funding,’ Says Sheriff’s Office

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Hoopa_280x420_thumbSheriff Mike Downey is pleased to announce the swearing in of fourteen new Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office employees and four promotions. Sheriff Downey expects these new employees to uphold the Sheriff’s Office vision statement “to enhance our status as a quality public safety agency, valued by our community and respected by our peers.”

The employees sworn in today are:

1. Anthony Silva – Correctional Deputy
2. Jessica Clardy – Correctional Deputy
3. Justen Roche – Correctional Deputy
4. Ana Hernandez-Baron – Correctional Deputy
5. Jesse Avila-Garcia – Correctional Deputy
6. Karla Avila-Perez – Correctional Deputy
7. Brenda Ayala – Correctional Deputy
8. Shar-lo Kelly – Correctional Deputy
9. Brad Anderson – Correctional Deputy
10. Jon Omey – Deputy Sheriff II
11. Rhiannon Potts – Emergency Communications Dispatcher
12. Brittany Miller – Animal Control Shelter Attendant
13. Karl Norton – Hoopa Tribal Officer
14. Seth Ruiz – Hoopa Tribal Officer

1. Mike Fridley – Lieutenant
2. Blake Massaro – Sheriff’s Sergeant
3. Josh McCall – Sheriff’s Sergeant
4. Nancy-Lynne Corral – Supervising Correctional Deputy

These new employees and promotions are direct results of Measure Z funding to increase the staffing levels for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any questions about current job openings please contact Human Resources at (707) 476-2349, or visit their website

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  • I sure hope we get additional coverage in Southern Humboldt.

  • Get enough of them won’t be no room for bad guys

  • Since measure Z there has been more promotions than new hired deputies. No wonder there are no deputies on the streets in So Hum. Get more of them out of the office in Eureka and more on the streets, so we don’t keep hearing “there is no deputy available right now”.

  • Was measure z about hiring correctional officers?I feel when they say sorry no officer available,there just afraid or to lazy.because frankly they answered the phone,they are there,they get paid to do that job,do it damn it.we don’t feel safe anymore.

  • Garberville Sheriff sub-station has lock up cells, I believe 6 cells, Why are they never used ? Most of the local Sheriffs will not arrest a person doing a minor crime because they do not want to transport them to Eureka. So lets open up the G-ville cell block and house the minor criminals and everybody is happy.

    • So things like what happened to Father Freed won’t happen again.he could have cooled off for the night in gville.sad.waste of money and time

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