‘I Want You to See Who You Have Helped,’ Writes Family of Man Killed in Crash

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2a731777-d28e-4d94-9e5e-c2edda1b79c4On February 25, Dillon Boots died in a three car crash north of Redway. Marley, his dog, was terribly injured. The Garberville Vet’s Office has been taking care of him since then. The community rallied round and contributed to a GoFundMe page for Marley which has since more than reached its original fundraising goal. Here’s a video of Marley taken a week ago with his caretaker at the vet’s office. He still has a way to go to reach full health.

Dillion’s sister Sheri Hamlin sent a thank you letter to our community for all the help we’ve given her. She asked that I convey her thanks and share some photos. Here’s her letter and the images she shared.


I am Dillon’s older sister, Sheri. I have read your stories on my brother’s accident. Thank you for covering this and putting out the help request for Marley. I was forwarded your e-mail from a woman named Lori. She’d reached out on my GoFundMe page and has been a wonderful support off960dc903-5f6b-4bdf-a8fc-9abb2ad2a67dering kind words and any help I need. You really do have an outstanding community and I’d like to meet all that were involved to thank them one day soon.

I have reached out to a “pay it forward” group there in Humboldt in order to get some help with bringing Marley home. He is loved very much. Lori and I believe he was spared as a beautiful blessing in my life. I live in Newbury P29eb56b2-d189-46b3-a26b-c1f12e077252ark, Ca. just north of LA. I am a full time student at Cal State Channel Islands and a part time waitress. This tragedy has been so life changing and although I try not to carry a somber mood, the daunting process of putting my little brother to rest takes over. I have been meaning to write you to thank you. For your respect in covering this story and making sure that public comments are not offensive. For the facts and details that you wrote about and for showing kindness and support for Marley with the 2nd story.dee1a99e-1513-497e-85e3-dc5a5fb63803

I’ve attached a few pictures. People usually like to put faces to a situation like this. I want you to see who you have helped.

My sincerest gratitude for your professionalism and kindness,

Sheri Hamlin



  • william tillman

    Great story.

  • I don’t get it??ill bring the dog down this week..I’m headed that way

    • Thank you Sunny. Marley is still being treated for his injuries. We are all looking into the best time and way to bring him home very soon. Thank you for offering your help.

  • Glad to hear the dog is doing so much better and nice for Marley to have Sheri to go home to and be loved by Dillon’s family.

  • So good for the dog nice people out there still.

  • Was grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to Marley’s recovery. Good luck to him! May Dillon rest in peace.

  • amimissingsomething

    May Dillon R.I.P. <3 Shari, Thank you for reaching out to our community. Humboldt has a bunch of caring people and all of them are sorry for your loss. Take care, pj

  • I didnt know Dillon, but my heart aches for his loss of life and his loved ones… Marley looks way too much like my beloved lilBro, whom I lost to cancer a couple of years ago, and still love and miss very much. please take good careof him, I would if I could.

  • Retired Nurse/Midwife

    Reaching out works!

  • Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Sad situation made better by amazing humboldt people.rip Dillon sounds like you fur baby is in good hands!

  • Stephanie Fuller

    Dillon was such an amazing man. An all around sweetheart and he absolutely loved Marley! Marley was his pride and joy. I know Dillon is very thankful to each and everyone one of you helping heal his precious pup! May Dillon rest easy in the arms of the Lord and may we all find the strength to keep going. Until I see you again Dillon, I love you and I miss you everyday. You are always on my mind

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