Deceased Man Dumped Near Garberville Hospital Emergency Room Might Have Been There for Over an Hour, Says Deputy Coroner

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficeEarly this morning a security guard discovered a deceased 55-year-old male near the Garberville Hospital, confirmed Deputy Coroner Trevor Enright. “A body was dropped off at the foot of the Emergency Department ramp,” he explained.

Enright said, the man has been identified as a Humboldt County resident from the Garberville area. The Coroner’s Office wants to notify next of kin before releasing his name.

The body was discovered and reported to the Humboldt County Sherriff’s Office around 2:10 a.m. But, Enright said, “There was an indication that he might have been there for an hour and a half before he was discovered.”

An autopsy is planned for Wednesday but Enright explained that currently he doesn’t believe the man’s death to be suspicious. “The manner of death does not appear at this time to be a homicide,” he said.

According to Humboldt County Sheriff’s spokesperson Selena Zorilla-Mendoza, “We are still investigating this incident.”



  • OMG I have way to much time on my hands ,but wtf .this is a new oNE . I bet it was drug related crime .my birth place is night and day different from my childhood out in sprowl creek . I’m afraid of what’s next .I find my self leaving home only when I have too .its dicy out there . Everyone please beware and take care of you friends and family. I feel the chance s of not coming home are increasing. Because of dead people being dropped off a t the Garberville emergency .

    • Sadly, this could come down to lots of causes. Hiding from the condition we find our society in solves nothing. Keep smiling, it matters; do good, it counts. af

    • [edit]-read the article before you speak-not suspect of a crime yet

  • Is there a security camera showing he was “dropped off” or was he waiting for someone to let him in?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if real medical care was readily available to all of us. Local access to health care is very limited. Not enough doctors.Inadequate insurance options. Duplication of equipment (do we really need a cat scan in garberville?) that is expensive and wasteful. Think about how your life, and the lives of your neighbors might be changed if we had true universal medical care. VOTE

  • Thank you to the amazing hospital staff that acted so professionally. The staff at the hospital work really hard and trully care for this community. It’s truly unfortunate that this man was presumably dumped and left for dead. Thank you to everyone at the hospital; you are truly an asset to this community. Personally, I’m excited about the new CT machine. It should help reduce the need for patients to be transfered out of the area…I would hate to send my family all the way to eureka for what should be a routine exam.

    • Bring out your dead

      Somebody forgot to unlock the door, all the local health care heros were inside taking care of themselves. Should have kept driving to Eureka.


  • I’m so very.sorry to the family.bless you all.Rip sir.we need doctors in Humboldt so bad.we need everything.most important lately is to feel safe where we live.i do not!!did some one see this man being dropped off?just wondering

  • I wonder why he was referred to as dumped, is it possible that he walked up and laid down.

  • I’m sure the corrupt and dirty underworld of the JP hospital will sweep this under the rug with no real answers as to wether they were dropped off dead or waiting outside the ER for some one to answer the door like many have done. No answers just like last year when they discharged a man who ended up dying hours later on the courthouse steps

    • [edit] Swept under the rug? How much power do you think the hospital has? [edit]

    • So sad.dumped sounds horriable for a human being.i hope there’s camera’s.that would be nice,right.

    • I agree with you 100% there. And I remember when the guy died on the courthouse steps I walked right by him before it was discovered. So creepy to think about.

    • Cranky Old Lady

      The man you referred to left the hospital AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE. We couldn’t have kept him there if we wanted to. You have NO IDEA what happened and you are completely in the wrong to blame JP personnel for his death. And this man was deceased when he was dumped like a sack of garbage on our ‘doorstep.’ We do the level best we can at SoHum; we can’t force people to accept treatment and we can’t bring the long dead back to life.

  • What do you expect it’s the jerold Phelps Memorial Hospital, they’ve misdiagnosed and killed more patients then they probably have helped.

  • I knew him and he was a warrior for his beliefs. He held up the Word as his sheild while he fought, with heart and soul, for those in need. He prided himself as a defender of the weak and was seen as a true friend by those who called him friend. His death should be seen as a loss in our dark twisted community.
    He was not a well man but didnt want to make the trip to the VA fearing the results of their tests.

    RIP friend of mine,
    I am comforted by the fact that you are free from the pain felt here in this hell hole, however the pain felt by those of us still here is only made worse by your passing. With Love and respect, A FRIEND

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